Athazagoraphobia comes to HHN28!

Do abandoned theme parks and carnivals like Six Flags New Orleans scare you? How about the thought of getting lost in a deserted area with no one to help you? If so, get ready for Halloween Horror Night 28’s newly announced house, Carnival Graveyard.

Athazagoraphobia: The fear of abandonment

Many of us have seen photos of various abandoned amusement parks, whether it be from listicles found on Facebook, or some clickbait article that’s something like “19 super creepy photos. You won’t be able to sleep after seeing #7!”

Now imagine taking these environments and turning them into a haunted house that only Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights can devise. Sounds like we have ourselves a fantastic opportunity to see plenty of weathered, squeaky, defunct rides and attractions, covered in rust. However, it doesn’t stop there. Imagine if you will, that the workers and performers that the carnival employed never left the property, and instead stayed there and became psychotic. Welcome to Carnival Graveyard, a deserted attraction from yesteryear that should never be reopened.

The Scares

Okay let’s say you’re not scared of abandoned buildings and attractions, you’re probably asking yourself “so how are they going to frighten me?”

That’s where the former employees come in. You see, they decided to begin scrapping the rides of the former park for spare parts, and turn those parts into weapons. Any urban explorer (in this case, you) who dares decide to enter the old park for say perhaps their YouTube vlog will meet a gruesome demise by the hands of the disgruntled workers.

If one manages to evade the deranged unemployed psychos, then you’ll have to manage to escape the many guard dogs on the premises. Just when you think you’re no longer surrounded by crazy carnies, more pissed off shepards will find you in the shadows, ready to maul you to a pulp.

Personally, I think this sounds really awesome and it gives Universal’s creative team and set team plenty of opportunities to construct some really interesting scenes. From a worn down tilt-a-whirl to a Ferris wheel that’s leaning on its side, about to fall down at any moment, the possibilities are endless here and we at HHNU can’t wait to see it in person on Sept 14.