New Original House: Seeds of Extinction

Another original houses has been revealed for this year’s Halloween Horror Nights, and it tackles the idea of an overgrown, apocalyptic Earth after the extinction of the human race…

“A Sound Of Thunder”

Ray Bradbury’s short story “A Sound of Thunder” would provide a good example of the environment we should expect in this new haunted house for HHN28.

Imagine the human race meeting its end, nature takes back its claim on Mother Earth, and creatures that became extinct thanks to the human race are able to rise again. Even creatures science has never discovered.

This house is going to be chock full of buildings covered in vines and other various overgrown vegetation, including extinct plant species. Amongst the abandoned buildings and shrubbery lie the house’s namesake, nature’s forgotten species of the past. Humans are no more and they are able to reinhabit the earth and take back what was theirs.

But visitors beware, these species of ages past prey on humans.

Keep your eyes open inside this new house, Easter eggs have been placed throughtout this attraction for those HHN diehard fans with keen eyes! Be in the lookout!

“Jack and Eddie” of course being Jack the Clown and his brother
This of course is in reference to HHN26’s house “Ghost Town, Lightning Gulch”