Should we expect another Halloween house in two years?

Here at HHNU, we have noticed something interesting about the Halloween movie franchise and HHN, let us explain…..

2014: The first appearance of Michael Myers at Universal Orlando


HHN24. An incredibly strong year for original concept houses, the first appearance of the Voodoo Queen (who would eventually return herself in Dead Waters, HHN26), and the first time Florida HHN goers could live out the terrors of the classic horror film, Halloween.


This house was incredibly frightening, and introduced some effects that are still used at Halloween Horror Nights to this day.

2016: The Return Of Michael Myers

HHN26, yet another great year for original houses, as well as the first year Chance got to be center stage as the icon of the event for that year. This time around, two years after the first appearance of Micheal Myers, brought visitors into the movie franchises’ first sequel: Halloween 2. The house was called Halloween: Hell comes to Haddonfield, and it brought back horror’s favorite icon for a second round of frights.


Keep in mind, this return of the Boogeyman to HHN comes two years after his first appearance….

Present Day, 2018: The Re-Return of Micheal Myers

HHN28. Can’t say how good of a year it is other than the houses that are going to be there, but we know that Halloween 4 is getting its own haunted house treatment for this year’s event.

Unfortunately, our time machine is under disrepair, so we can’t provide you with photos from the house. But here’s the house’s banner, though!

Now to the interesting bits. According to history, including this year, the Halloween franchise returns to Halloween Horror Nights Orlando every two years, and in chronological order. You might be asking yourself, “Well why did they skip Halloween 3: The Season of The Witch?” and while we may not be able to accurately pinpoint Universal’s own reason why they made this choice, we at HHNU can come up with our own conclusion: Michael Myers isn’t in Halloween 3.

A scene that we will more than likely see this year at HHN28 starting Sept 14

Michael Myers is the icon of the Halloween franchise, the draw that brings people back to see more. If Universal made a “Halloween” haunted house without Michael Myers inside of it, a lot of people unfamiliar with the franchise would end up rather confused. Granted, there are indeed fans of the third movie, but the general public likely hasn’t seen it. There was actually quite a number of people who had never even seen Halloween 2 when it was announced as a house two years ago.

So What’s Your Point?

Given the historical evidence of Halloween’s presence at Halloween Horror Nights and the amount of movies in the film franchise, we at HHNU speculate that Michael Myers will return once again in the year 2020, which would be HHN30, as Halloween 5. But only time will tell if we’re right or not….