HHN29 Dates Leaked & New Halloween Rumor

Universal Orlando Resort updated it’s official website this week and it confirms the suspicions that we’ve reported on back in September this year where we expected HHN to start far earlier in 2019 than it has ever before. Here’s the screen grab:

With a September 6 start date that could potentially give us 40 horror filled nights of thrills (or maybe even more!) which is staggeringly high based on past years (just 34 last year). It also kinda confirms that no dual-park event is being planned with the event set to remain in the Studios Park.

So that’s the good news, so here’s the potential bad one…

We received a link to this tweet below by Hollywood’s supremo creative director for HHN John Murdy. And in response to our pal Dr Jimmy who was talking with him in regards to Disney, he wrote:



So is that the reason we didn’t get the new Halloween movie last year? The fact that it might have been blocked by the competing rodent up the street? Or was THIS the reason? And if Disney does have any say on the uses of this movie will that mean they’ll block it again for HHN29? Personally, I can’t see how the new Halloween has any business connections to Disney at all but hey?

Only time will tell…

So is September 6th too early? Or will 40+ nights of horrah be awesome? Let us know in the comments!