HHN29 Rumor Round-up

The rumor scene has been very quiet over the last few weeks, so us here at HHNU HQ thought we would roundup all the best tidbits and info we could to see where we are so far, so here goes:

We got a great Christmas present from our Grand Water Rat (and editor) Chris Ripley when he posted just before Christmas a bunch of rumors that he had heard from a variety of sources:

He later clarified that the “no shows” was just he hadn’t heard anything about the shows and that he had heard that bookings for the on-site Universal hotels for the start of HHN29 were selling really well.ย  Talking of dates…

The start and end dates of the event were leaked and then subsequently confirmed by Universal.ย  You can read about that here.ย  The post also included a small online hint that perhaps one of the houses could be the new Halloween movie.

The next rumor that also spawned from an online hint suggested a return for The Shining house at Hollywood’s event, though this was very tenuous but it did add up!

HHNU broke the rumor news that many rumorists were reporting that Hellraiser was a potential IP being looked at for a potential dual-coast house.ย  This fascinating rumor was also released at the same time that Universal announced that its first IP for 2019 was in the bag.ย  You can make your own mind up here.ย  Hellraiser has been wildly rumored by HHNU for the last 3 years, following leaked correspondence online that showed high-level discussions having potentially taken place between the IP holder and associates of Universal.

A small rumor was received on the potential of Bill and Ted returning and a lengthy write-up of why you should become a UOAP for 2019 was published.

That’s it for now, we expect more info very soon and some insiders are pointing to an official announcement in February to keep pace with previous years.ย  So not long to wait now!ย  And as Chris says, nothing is confirmed or fact until Universal confirms it, just RUMORS!

Which properties and houses would you like to see at HHN29, let us know in the comments!