Rumor: HHN Moving?

From a number of unknown sources we received a highly speculative rumor about HHN possibly moving location in Orlando.  The possible future home for the event could be the new, as yet unannounced, theme park that Universal are currently building rumored to be named ‘Universal’s Fantastic Worlds‘.

What we’ve seen…

It was leaked back in December by the above Twitter member that the new theme park coming soon to Central Florida would be named Fantastic Worlds and potentially be located down near the Orange County Convention Center off International Drive.

It was the same person, Alicia Stella, who also rumored that a new land for the forthcoming park COULD be themed to Universal Monsters.  Which would make sense as this is a property they own outright, whereas the rest of the park is rumored to be filled with IP properties that they are licensing from other companies (namely Mario and friends as per the image above).

The new rumor…

Well according to a small number of sources who have reached out to HHNU HQ, we could expect HHN to move to the new park once it is completed, say ready for HHN31 etc.

It would be interesting given that Islands of Adventure sits next to the main park and hasn’t been used for HHN in years.  However, both parks were NEVER designed with HHN in mind.  Both parks have used a combination of retro-fitting buildings, temporary structures (the Sprungs) or using the Soundstages, which due to HHN’s popularity of late, has caused one giant cluster-fudge right at the entrance to the event.

Whereas, a new larger park could be planned where buildings and lines for the houses could be anticipated and actively worked into the design of the new structures within the park.  That way houses could be more evenly spread throughout and possibly better infrastructure could be masterplanned to handle the huge crowds and security/bag-check issues found in recent times.  It does make sense.

Where the rumor does fall down a little, is that the new park will be stuffed full of new experiences (possible night shows for example?) and with most of the new attractions being third party IPs they might not like HHN coming in every Fall and changing up their brands (just like Dr. Suess’s area or even the Harry Potter additions supposedly didn’t in the past).

So there you have it!  Another juicy rumor to keep you going until the official announcements come very soon!

So what do you think?  Good idea?  Bigger and better haunts?  Or a mistep possibly leaving the old park behind?  Let us know!

And remember, nothing is confirmed or fact until Universal confirms it, just RUMORS!