HHN Helps Excellent Results at ComCast

The third quarter earnings report was released today for global giant ComCast who owns and operates a number of media businesses throughout the world, most notably the Universal theme parks. And for the first time in this reporter’s memory ComCast’s CEO personally mentioned how successful HHN28 had been, saying that it broke all records! The below is a copy of the shareholder presentation.

For HHN to be specially mentioned in this earnings call shows just how HUGE last year’s event was for not just Orlando but also for Hollywood. Fans of the event know better than the CEO as to how amazing the event was this past year and how the numbers lining up to get in where mammoth in size!

In other news, there was one interesting tidbit of slippage in the report. It’s said Jurassic World attractionS we’re coming to their domestic US parks. Could this be a grammatical error or do they mean the land sectioned-off in Islands of Adventure is for a Jurassic World expansion? Time will surely tell…

So there you have it! Another great record breaking year has come and gone, but what will HHN29 have in store for us? Keep your eyes on HHNU and we’ll be sure to pass on all the best news and rumors as it happens!