HHN Ruins TV Show Shooting Schedule

NBC Universal’s new sitcom, about a woman who runs a bar in her backyard, will likely garner comparisons to another famous drinking sitcom (Cheers) but due to the filming location being on the backlot at Universal Studios Hollywood it would appear filmmakers were not too pleased with the nightly goings on around the lot.

Abby’s which was being shot around the Hollywood lot this past October and supposedly had to reschedule it’s production due to the screams from the nearby mazes.

One of the USP’s of the new sitcom is the fact it is set outside in the titular characters backyard, “which isn’t a great idea to be shooting at night outdoors on Universal’s backlot in October” one insider told us, he continued, “they were trying to make a fun and upbeat sitcom but with the screams from HHN combined with sirens and traffic noise it must have given them some production challenges!”

The show’s star Natalie Morales told rottentomatoes about the production change up, “But a fun fact is we shot this on Tuesday nights, as opposed to many multi-cams who shoot on a Friday night, because we shot on the Universal Lot, and Halloween Horror Nights was going on, and you would have heard the screaming. So we avoided that, which was nice.

The Show is being co-produced by the team behind Parks and Rec and premieres on NBC on March 28.