Rumor: HHN30 Leak?

Leaking ideas and answers from the various surveys that Universal puts out is nothing new but on occasion they do throw us some fascinating insights to the possible future plans of their Orlando parks. From Potter expansions to hotel naming, many surveys have floated up over the years to offer these behind the scenes insights.

That’s why when a survey hits inboxes about HHN we all get to see potential peeps into possible properties that are being considered for HHN and that’s exactly what happened today.

Reaching a select number of inboxes, a survey was sent out by Universal asking fans to rate various ideas for HHN30.

There was a huge range of ideas, from “plus-ing” current attractions such as Jimmy Fallon into a temporary Halloween attraction to creating a Treehouse of Horror house in The Simpson’s area. Other such ideas include:

  • A Halloween themed musical
  • A Halloween version of a Potter ride
  • A Game of Thrones house
  • An Alfred Hitchcock experience
  • Various original house ideas
  • A Twilight Zone house
  • Halloween Lagoon show
  • A Halloween acrobatics show
  • A Halloween dance show
  • A new version of the Horror Makeup Show
  • A Rock Concert

The ideas are really fascinating and offer a great peak into the possible delights that will be welcoming us next year!

But what do you think? Let us know in the comments! Happy Valentines Day!

Photo courtesy of the Halloween Horror Nights discussion group on Facebook