Confirmed: No Hellraiser for HHN29

It was stealthily confirmed by Universal a few nights ago that a Hellraiser house is definitely off the table for HHN29.

The house has long been rumored for the event ever since potential discussions/meetings of the IP’s use for HHN surfaced online.  It would appear from the tweet below that the ownership of the rights is the main sticking point.


We dug down deeper into the rights issue and found that Dimension Films (yes the same company that Harvey Weinstein used to run) now has a big say in the uses and rights of the franchise and it would appear that perhaps due to other issues the use of this property isn’t top of the agenda.  It was compounded further recently when franchise creator Clive Barker made suggestions of annoyance at a remake being developed last year, he tweeted:

So as per the tweet from Universal it would appear that the ownership and terms of the use of this IP are perhaps somewhat of a mess.  But this isn’t the only franchise that Dimension has in its stable that have become a little ‘messed’.  HHN fans will remember the issue with the rights to Scream for HHN25 where the permissions were apparently pulled at the very last second with Ghostface even appearing on a number of retracted HHN shirts and edited out of the official HHN TV commercial.  The house was then retrofitted into a Purge house.  For those that don’t remember you can read about that here.

It seems like Dimension has a problem with HHN?  Or perhaps they are just very protective of their brands?  We’ll surely never know.  For the time being keep your eyes and ears peeled as we’ve heard from a very good source that an official house announcement of some kind is due any day now!  Yay!  Until then let us know your thoughts on this in the comments!