Christopher Ripley & Shelby Denham Release New Haunting Collection of Tales

PRESS RELEASE: Released this week, award winning author Christopher Ripley and HHN fan artist and illustrator Shelby Denham have released a new book, Halloween Horror Stories.  A collection of ghoulish and terrifying tales that have been expertly curated to show the genesis of many horror ideas and how these have feed into the world’s greatest Halloween event.

Ripley has assembled some of the best pieces of old and new horror literature, with two stories being completely new and specifically written for this book.  Denham has taken the stories and completely nailed some classic horror illustrations with her unique and beautifully modern style.

The book is described as:

A selection of some of the scariest, weirdest and downright crazy horror writers have been collected together by award winning author Christopher Ripley to form an assortment of twisted tales that have inspired the greatest Halloween event on earth. An anthology put together with the sole purpose of exploring how the genesis of these stories began and where perhaps they are heading. A mixture of classic and new tales that will fill your cold nights with terror. The works have also been terrifyingly illustrated and captured by renowned horror artist Shelby Denham. So lock the door, start the fire and sit back as we share our horror filled tales with you…

Christopher Ripley said, “We had a lot of fun putting this book together, digging into the origins of some of the world’s greatest horror stories.  I even learned that Dickens could be petrifying and that some of these tales are nearly as old as the Bible!  It’s been a great adventure and we just absolutely adore Shelby’s work, as ever, she totally knocked it out the park with illustrating this book.”

The book also marks a first for author Ripley who debuts his first piece of fictional work, writing his own Sherlock Holmes story, he said, “Well Conan-Doyle is big shoes to fill and although my story is no where as a great as his classic works (not even in the same league!), I had a lot of fun in producing a brand new Sherlock Holmes story for the 21st Century!”

The book is released today (May 9th 2019) and is available via Amazon for US and UK readers only.

US Readers:

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