Confirmed: Team Members Blocked From HHN Between October 11–27

It was confirmed yesterday for all Team Members that they will not be able to attend HHN29 from October 11 to 27, some 12 nights of the event.  Universal has made this decision due to how busy they forecast the event will be during this period.  Here’s the quote:

Dear Fellow Team Members,

As you know, Halloween Horror Nights has become more popular than ever. Last year, we had our highest attendance yet… our Guests can’t seem to get enough!

This year, we have another great lineup of original content and franchise favorites, like Universal Monsters and the return of Stranger Things – with even more being announced soon – so we’re again expecting high demand. To provide the best Guest experience to as many as possible, we have made some important decisions: start even earlier, expand the number of event nights, and better manage capacity.

Especially for peak nights, capacity management is critical for the best Guest experience. So, for the first time, we are blocking out Team Member IDs during the event’s peak period. Here’s how it’s going to work:

  • There are 41 event nights in total; we are blocking out IDs and Special Guest IDs October 11–27, which is 12 nights.
  • Team Members are able to visit on any of the other 29 event nights with their ID.
  • Like last year, Team Members can exchange one of their quarterly comp passes for an event ticket on one of 10 select event nights.
  • Team Members will continue to receive discounts on select single-night event tickets.

We will always make sure that Team Members are the first to experience Halloween Horror Nights, before anyone else. This year’s Team Member Preview will take place on Wednesday, September 4 and will remain exclusive to our teams, our third party and Loews partners.

Our Team Members – you – have made Halloween Horror Nights the World’s Best Halloween Event for eleven years and counting. I recognize this is something we all take such great pride in, and acknowledge that blockouts are not popular. The good news is there is still plenty of opportunity and this will help deliver the best event for everyone, so thank you.

I hope to see you at Preview!


The posting also confirmed that the Team Member preview for HHN29, which will be the FIRST time anyone can experience the delights of the event, will take place on Wednesday September 4.

Are you a Team Member and does this block out ‘bum you out’ or would you have just have avoided the crowds anyway?  Let us know in the comments!