Rumor: Universal Team Members Blocked from HHN for 3 weeks

Rumor has it that Team Members working for Universal will be barred from accessing HHN from 11th to 27th OctoberBlackout dates are nothing new for Team Members or guests on certain annual passes, but it does show that the possible only reason to exclude a bunch of people from attending the event will be due to capacity issues, aka Universal are expecting this period to be VERY busy.

The dates also include Columbus Day on 14th which is typically very busy and is often around the HHN fan community’s named ‘hell week’ where the house lines are just too long, even for most dedicated HHN fReAkS among us.

Basically, they are expecting this during this period:

Another date for your diary that is off limits to ALL guests and HHN fans is October 16th, which has weirdly been omitted from the schedule of nights.  Rumors were that Microsoft had yet again booked their convention named Ignite for the October 16th at Universal but this has been found to be incorrect as their convention has now moved to the Orange County Convention Center and is taking place from November 3rd to 8th – well after HHN has finished.


Microsoft’s Ignite convention had for the previous two years had exclusive use of Universal Orlando for one night only every October, effectively knocking one night of HHN off the rota.  Hashtage, thanks Bill Gates!

As for now, no one knows who the mystery booker of October 16th is but be sure to keep your eyes peeled on HHNU as we’ll let you know as soon as we do.  That is assuming that Universal just didn’t want HHN on that night and that there is no mystery booker – but if that was the case then why would the Team Member blackout dates be during this time?  So someone is surely taking October 16th off the schedule….surely?


Are you a Team Member and does this affect your HHN plans?  Equally, do you know what’s happening on October 16th?  Let us know in the comments!

Remember, all rumors are just rumors until officially confirmed by Universal.