Rumor: Lost Icon to Return?

The very popular speculation map by Horror Night Nightmares has been released this week with a new revision.  The updated version of their map contains a number of properties, including originals and IPs which are all rumored to be at HHN this year.

One of the lesser spotted updates to the house list is a little spoken about original house that we too have heard rumors about.


The rumor being that this house will possibly use a long forgotten icon that never really saw the light of day – even less so than Jack’s brother Eddie!  That icon is: Nathaniel Crowe.

So who is he? Created in 2008 by Mike Aiello with the purpose of linking backstories of various past icons who were associated with the Carnival of Carnage.  The back story is fascinating, for which you can read more of that here. The idea of this pumpkin headed icon was as a sequel to the wildly popular HHN17 (the year Freddy, Jason and Leatherface took center stage with Jack).  However, for reasons unknown Nathaniel was not used in the following year and instead the designers chose to build HHN18 around another new icon (at the time): Bloody Mary.

But like all good ideas and horror icons, they never really die!  That’s why we have heard rumors that the pumpkin headed monster is to star or even possibly headline this house. All perhaps done as a tribute to Mike Aiello who is now no longer working on HHN but is now working on the plans and designs for Universal’s new theme park, Epic Universe.

If true this would be an excellent addition to the event and a great way to utilize a forgotten icon that never really saw the light of day.  He also sounds hella scary, being a composite of pumpkins, weeds, candles, crow feathers and the size of a large scarecrow (and we all know how terrifying they can be!).

Here’s the opening poem that Mike wrote to accompany the icon:

Forgotten are the ways of old
traditions blood black and cold.
Up through dirt roots grow and burst,
evils’ return, you’ll see what came first.
When ravens and crows made the night black, Pumpkins were carved to keep the evil back.
When the howl of the wind sent shivers down spines, Graves of our dead covered in vines.
When black cats crossed paths and wolves howl,
True witches did more than laugh and scowl.
Your time has come, Nathaniel Crowe,
outside the box you’ll think, you’ll grow.
Terrors traditions in ways you will demand, Halloween’s true self is at hand.

For more information on this forgotten icon go here.

So there you have it, a little rumor to tide us all over to until the big updates start coming!  Would you be interested in seeing this icon finally get his time in the spotlight?  Sound off in the comments!

Remember, all rumors are just rumors until Universal confirms otherwise!