HHN News & Rumors Round-up!

We had a bumper pouring of HHN related news and rumors yesterday!  So-much-so that we thought we’d highlight all the news items that hit our inboxes yesterday so as to ensure you didn’t miss anything, so here goes:

All of these items are for ORLANDO:

  1. Scareactor Dining is BACK

Universal added the popular dining experience to its website yesterday.  The meal will differ slightly from previous years as Covid prevention measures will be in place and guests will not be allowed to make contact with the performers.  More info is here.

2. Fear Factor stage closed

The Fear Factor stage closed to make way for construction and rehearsals for a coming show at HHN30.  A number of rumors are pointing to either a return for the perennial Academy of Villains but with perhaps a bodacious duo making a cameo or an original show featuring all of our favorite Bill and Ted actors…  the production is classed as TOP SECRET – for now!

3. HHN Online Store

Universal quietly released a number (but not all!) merchandise for HHN30 onto their online store.  There is a lot to pick through and it contains wonderful artwork from the last 30 years.  The site even crashed due to demand last night!  You could also easily start your very own HHN shirt collection today!  The online store can be accessed here. (Although much of the stock is either missing or sold out – it’s probably a tech issue so be sure to keep checking back.)


4. Tribute store opening date

We are hearing strong reports that Universal Team Members have finished decorating the HHN Tribute Store (next to The Mummy ride) and are looking to stock it very soon.  Some reports suggest it could open as early as July 22nd whereas others are saying August 1st.  If true, this would mean the Store might be opening during the day!


5. HHN is rumored to be going virtual!?

We don’t know the authenticity of this tweet but it would appear that Jack might be heading for Universal’s new Peacock streaming service.  The info in this tweet would corroborate with news that we received last week of a potential Jack commercial being filmed outside the Universal arches late one night.

6. Tagline

The Tagline was inadvertently released on the Merch Store and states “30 Years – 30 Fears”, which we think is pretty cool!

7. External Scareactors required for HHN

Universal put out calls for non-Universal employed people to apply on an open casting call for a role at HHN30.   If you think you got what it takes to scares the BEEP outta people, please click here to apply.


8. Update

The website ticket offers expire on July 22nd, so we are expecting some form of announcement either on 22nd or the 23rd.

So there you have it!  July 15th was a big news day and whilst it might not have been the news we were expecting, it does show you that plans at HHN are well underway in Orlando!

Are you going to HHN30?  Did you manage to snag a retro shirt from the store before it crashed?  Let us know in the comments!

Remember: Rumors are just rumors to until Universal confirms otherwise!