Rumor: Is this the secret 2nd HHN for 2021?

We reported last week on a rumor that Universal was supposedly considering making a second HHN type event for 2021.  If it happens, it was rumored to be held in the summer months and would be a mixture of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Anime and Gaming.  HHNU affectionately labeled the proposed new event as “Sci-fi Summer Nights.”


However, working with our buddies at Screamscape who have also received similar rumors, we can confirm that Universal has also trailed a similar event between 2016 to 2019 at Universal Studios Japan, named Universal Cool Japan.

Event map

The Universal Creatives created a number of temporary mini-attractions for the extra-hard-ticketed event in Japan.  These special attractions included: Godzilla, Sailor Moon (plus many other Anime shows), video game Monster Hunter, Detective Conan, Final Fantasy and Resident Evil.

The Godzilla 4D looked very cool:


Where the rumors and surveys for Universal Orlando have differed from the Japan offerings is that they have included more horror and sci-fi elements plus many mentions of Nintendo (which Universal is now in partnership with).  Screamscape reported that the full IP list that was contained in the survey was:

Movies: Lord of the Rings, Back to the Future, Fantastic Beasts
Series: Westworld, Dr Who, Star Trek, Black Mirror, Game of Thrones, The Witcher
Games: Final Fantasy, Minecraft, Pokemon, Dungeons and Dragons, Fortnite, Legend of Zelda,
Anime: Dragon Ball, Death Note, Spirited Away, Attack on Titan, Naruto,


So hopefully this will give us a taster of what devilish plans are in store for us soon!

Would you like a 2nd HHN every year that was more focused on science-fiction and video game properties?  Let us know in the comments!

Remember: these are just rumors and nothing is confirmed until Universal says otherwise.


Tickets for HHN30 are on sale

When purchasing tickets for this year’s HHN we highly recommend buying directly.  Hollywood’s event is yet to put their tickets on sale, though Orlando’s are available right now.  The two types currently for sale are (click on the title to book now):

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Have you purchased your tickets yet?  Let us know in the comments!



Walking Dead Actor alleges staff were assaulted at theme park

A scareactor from the now closed Walking Dead attraction in Universal Hollywood is alleging physical and sexual assault whilst working the former attraction.  The report by a number of sites states that the scareactors allege they were groped and physically threatened whilst working the now defunct attraction, with the theme park reportedly nothing doing anything (or very little) to stop it.

Kurt Logan filed a lawsuit against the company this past week with the Los Angeles Superior Court saying that he was personally punched by guests and saw a number of female scareactors be groped and sexually assaulted in the horror maze. “Universal actually incites its guests to fight the employees,” the lawsuit states.

A Universal Studios Hollywood spokesperson declined to respond to the specific allegations, they were reported as saying : “We don’t comment on pending litigation, however, the safety and security of our employees and guests is always our top priority,”

The attraction is now closed, with some online whispers being that this pending court case was the ‘nail in the coffin’ for the attraction.  An attraction that was reportedly set to return for their HHN this fall; though that is now surely in doubt.

The case notes that the majority of badly behaved guests were those that were possibly drunk.  Logan alleges he was punched in the face in July 2019 and then again by different persons in the August of the same year.  In January another drunken guest supposedly punched him in the stomach, for which he reported it to his supervisor and was reportedly told to take a break and then just go back to work.

The case reports that a number of female scareactors had their breasts and buttocks groped.  Scareactor Lisa Molenda who was working within a cage inside the attraction had a guest grab her breast.  She reportedly told her manager about the incident but was supposedly told that she “could have done to better protect herself.

Another scareactor, Josiah Steele, was reportedly hospitalized after a guest punched him so hard that he was knocked to the ground.  He supposedly took the matter further with Universal but they informed him that “most performers don’t press charges.”  The case also states that complaints by team members about their safety with guests inside this attraction go back 2 years.

Team Members and guest safety should be paramount during any experience such as this.  We must all play our part to report, ban and prosecute any persons who assault any team members or guests.  



Speculation: How Might HHN30 Change This Year?

We’ve seen a number of reports coming unofficially from Universal that everything for HHN is business as usual and that the event is still being constructed and planned for September this year.  Builders are apparently still building, organizers are organizing and designers are designing the scares.  Here’s a few:

On that basis, we thought we’d look at how the event might be affected this year:

Please note that these are just our thoughts on this virus issue with Universal saying nothing more than the event will definitely be running this year.

Reduced Peril and No Virus Houses:

It goes without saying that houses or zones featuring any form of virus or zombie type connotation will be altered (if indeed they were ever planned as zombies have featured heavily in the last decade); for example, a house like Dead Exposure won’t be seen at HHN for a long time.  After the events of 9/11 all gore, blood and any dust was removed from all houses (the event’s icon was also famously changed) and travel was severely reduced.

Likely Lower Attendance:

As the travel industry has been hit hard during this time and many people who have either lost their jobs or been furloughed has rapidly increased, it is likely that many out-of-state and international guests will probably not be able to attend HHN.  During the 2001 HHN it was said that for the first time since the early 90s the event was virtually attended by just the locals of Central Florida.  It is likely that many of them will still attend the event they love, however, if the virus is still present it might limit the number of times people visit and possible put the older generation of fans off completely.

Possible PPE & Social Distancing:

As it is unlikely that a vaccine can be ready by September, we can therefore only hope that the virus is diminished enough by social distancing that it won’t be prevalent during the fall.  If it is still with us by this time it is possible that the event organizers may insist on all guests wearing masks and washing their hands regularly.  Lines might be physically longer with more pulsing and less “conga” lines of people running through the houses, with people less corralled with a 4ft to 8ft rule of space between parties, which might also lead to less scareactors in the houses with more special-effect types scares deployed.  It is hard to say exactly what will be required as we just don’t know how prevalent the virus will be in 6 months’ time.

HHN30 – Part 2 The Revenge in 2021:

Some events around the world which have either been rapidly reduced due to the virus or have been cancelled with for rescheduling for the following year.  We know HHN returns every year, so it is possible as HHN30 is an anniversary year that any special festivities or experiences that get cancelled due to the virus will likely be re-run in the following year.  Therefore, don’t think that this year’s event will be “one and done” because they missed the calendar anniversary, this is Universal and they live by their own rules – they will happily extend what we love if there is guest demand.  Look at Disney when they celebrate anniversaries, this Disney World 50th anniversary will probably go on and on and finish with a special cupcake in 2023!


Nobody knows for sure what will happen 6 months from now.  All we can hope is that social distancing and frequent washing will purge this nasty virus enough that it goes away quickly.  If so, there might little to no change in regards to the coming HHN and it will be another record-breaking year for the world’s greatest Halloween festival.

All we can do is follow our respective state, federal and government guidelines and wait this out.  Wherever you are in the world we hope you stay safe and healthy.

Do you think the virus will be gone in 6 months and it’ll be business as usual or do you believe it will have a lasting impact that might not go way to until after HHN?  Let us know in the comments!

Rumor: Are Bill & Ted coming back for HHN30?

We’ve been hearing a number of rumors in the last few weeks that Universal might be considering bringing back the bodacious duo for one, final, final goodbye at HHN.  From these speculative rumors we thought we’d look at why this might be the case with 3 reasons to bring them back…


1. New Movie

In case you’re the only person in the world to not know, Bill & Ted are returning to our screens this August with the third long-awaited instalment of their franchise.  Bill & Ted Face the Music will be seeing the duo face the challenges of growing up whilst also a visitor from the future tells them that one of their songs can save life as we know it and bring harmony to the universe.  As the franchise will once again be popular and will require lots of marketing, where better to market it then the Halloween event that has kept it going all these long years!

2. Weird Instagram Post

Yesterday on the official Orlando HHN Insta account they posted the following image:

Which is a weird photo to post, not least because Universal no longer has the rights to use the Bill & Ted image as the contract to use them was confirmed by the IP owner as being ended?  So if they’re now using the images of them again, does this mean they have brokered permission to use Bill & Ted once more?  Say perhaps for one last show in this big year….

3. Anniversary Year

HHN30, like HHN16, HHN20 and HHN25 is a big anniversary year for the event and 29 years since the duo were last on the big screen!  It would be a sad anniversary if the time-travelling duo were not present for one final outing at the world’s greatest Halloween event.

Honorable Mention:

The actors who played the duo and the supporting cast of characters nearly all still work for Universal, and as this clip shows, they would all be superb and fitting for a return!

So there you have it, our top 3 reasons why this rumor could be happening!  Would you love to see the duo back or are you happy to leave them in the past?
Let us know in the comments!

Remember: these are just speculative rumors and nothing is confirmed until Universal Orlando confirms otherwise!

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Rumor: Could the Fool be Coming on April Fools?

We love some statistical analysis when it comes to HHN rumors and none can be more interesting than our current rumor, awesomely sent in by our pal The Web Master; for whom has also started his own podcast which you can find here.

He writes:

I think I’ve discovered something in the numbers again!
First HHN 2019 announcement made was on March 27, which was 163 days before event.
First HHN 2018 announcement made was on April 3rd, which was 164 days before event.

Therefore, if Universal follow this pattern and we apply it to announced dates for HHN30, this would mean the big first announcement will be on April 1st, April Fools Day!

Which surely would be mean one thing…  either some twist is happening to the storyline (because that’s tradition on April Fools Day) or it could mean that Jack could be announced on that day.

Why a Fool?

The online dictionaries provide some EXCELLENT definitions of what a fool can be…

1: a son lacking in judgment or prudence ‘Only a fool would ride a motorcycle without wearing a helmet.’
2 : a retainer formerly kept in great households to provide casual entertainment and commonly dressed in motley with cap, bells, and bauble
3 : one who is victimized or made to appear foolish
4 : a deranged person or one lacking in common powers of understanding
5 : one with a marked propensity or fondness for something ‘a dancing fool a fool for candy’
6 : a clown like person

A “deranged” person, someone who is dressed for people’s entertainment, a clown like person; does this remind you of anyone?

Great information The Web Master!  And thank you for sending it in!

So there you have it: Could this be the first big announcement day?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

And remember, nothing is fact until Universal confirms otherwise – this is just a speculative rumor!

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Rumor: Why people are saying Billie Eilish is coming to HHN?

We’re not sure where it started, but HHN fans are speculating that Billie Eilish – who won BIG at the Grammy’s last night and for whom has just been given the prestigious gig to write and perform the next James Bond anthem – is possibly coming to HHN30 in some form.

It sounds really far fetched that this brand new global superstar will be coming to our Halloween event, that is, until you look at how this might be coming about.

1. She already works with Universal

Since 2018 she has been tied to Universal’s Music Group.  She was signed at the tender age of just 16 and within 3 years she is now a global superstar with a string of highly popular hits.  Therefore, depending on her contract terms, she could easily employ her music mastery for other companies within the Universal empire.


2. Her Music is Popular and Would Fit HHN

Her song “Bury a Friend” imparticular has been cited as a possible use for HHN.  Murdy from HHN Hollywood also mentioned in a tweet in 2019 that he loved her work and that a “collaboration” would be “very interesting”.

3. Not Just Houses…

Her style of music and her performances could easily be worked into an epic Lagoon Show.  Last year’s debut of “Marathon of Mayhem” was incredibly popular and her music worked to fountains, fireworks, projections and lasers would be amazing if possible.

(c) copyright of Daily Mail

4. She’s a HUGE HHN Fan!

We have it on good authority that she ADORES HHN and is a regular visitor to the Hollywood edition of the event.  Having a quick google search it can be said she has been to HHN in 2019 and 2018 on various RIP Tours, even once with HHN Super Fan – Demi Lovato!

5. HHN has Experience of Working with Musicians

Whether it’s Slash, Ozzy, Zombie or Alice Cooper, HHN has worked with some of the biggest names of Rock to provide music for houses, create their own houses and other attractions at the seasonal event.  Therefore, working with a musician that is already on your books (par say) should be relatively easy for them?

So there you have it, this is what the interwebs have been discussing all week on certain HHN corners.  Do we believe it?  Well, we’d say it’s FAR into the rumor category for now! 

Let’s just hope that an announcement is forthcoming soon so we have something more concrete to discuss!  But what do you think?  Let us know in the comments!


This article was provided by Brian at Skywalking Adventures!

Rumor: Bill & Ted Returning?

Speculation is reaching a fever pitch that the bodacious duo of dudes Bill & Ted might return for the 30th anniversary of HHN this September.  As you will recall, Bill & Ted gave their last Excellent Halloween Adventure Show in 2017 with a “farewell tour” bringing classic characters from their lengthly past back for one final show.

“Dudes, you’re history”! was the final cry on the final night, but speculation has been rife that a potential return of the dudes could be on the cards for HHN30, let us explain…

A Movie…

Bill & Ted have a glorious new movie being released in 2020, in fact, it is being released just days before HHN30 on August 21.  Bill & Ted Face the Music, starring the original duo of Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter will see the pair back for one further “triumphant” instalment of their classic time-travelling franchise.  And what better way is there for the movie to be cross-marketed but with a tie-in with the sure to be a huge year of HHN30.  After all, the pair is perhaps as well known for being at HHN as they are for their movies from 30 years ago, therefore their presence runs deep in the DNA of the HHN event.

Unofficial Fan Meetups…

In 2017 and again in 2018 a group of fans met up to have their own Bill & Ted fest in Orlando.  Missing the show at the event so much, they decided to hold their own gathering to celebrate the news that the old franchise was once again releasing a new movie for 2020.  If anything, this is where the rumors for HHN30 began!  Check out this interesting article by our pal Seth Kubersky on why HHN30 makes sense for a return of the popular show.


On both exit surveys from 2019 (where people with clipboards ask your opinion about the event as you exit the turnstiles) and from a number of select online surveys, Universal has apparently been asking the public about whether they felt Bill & Ted was missed at the event in HHN29.  So why would they potentially be asking this question?


The production company for the new movie have already licensed their image, story, logo etc to a whole swathe of upcoming products.  Announced and/or rumored products for 2020 with the duo include Bill & Ted’s Riff in Time board game, Wyld Stallyns apparel line, special edition Funko Pops, pins, and more!  Universal never formally announced the reason behind the dropping of the duo (though many conspiracy theories abound, though the B&T creators confirmed it was not their decision – see below), but if it was due to licensing it would suggest that with such an increase in openings for B&T licenses, might Universal be able to negotiate a licensed return for HHN30?

Courtesy of Logan Sekulow


Firmly in the rumor portion of this article is that apparently Operations staff have been told to plan around not using the Fear Factor Show Stage for any dancing performances for the Academy of Villains this year and that a rumored temporary stage is to be fitted in the park somewhere.  There’s no confirmation that AoV are even returning, it’s all just rumors that are popping up on a number of fan forums.  So if true, the stage would be free for B&T use or even for something else…

So there you have it.  It’s just speculation at this point.  Some people would love to have B&T back whereas others feel the event has moved on and doesn’t require them anymore. 

But what do you think?  Will they ever return?  Will you welcome that?  Let us know in the comments!