What’s up with the exit of “Lunatics Playground”?!

Although this is not confirmed, us at HHNU have been speculating a particular aspect of Chance’s house, “Lunatics Playground,” and that’s its exit…..

First, A Brief History Lesson…

The last time HHN hosted a house where guests were chased out to the exit by a scareactor was 2007’s “Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Flesh Wounds” in which Leatherface ran behind guests, chasing them out of the house and into the park with his infamous chainsaw, similar to the ending of the original film. It was considered by many visitors to be absolutely terrifying, and we haven’t had a chase scene since.


But there’s something about Chance’s house this year that intrigues us, and makes us think that the chase to the exit may be making its return this season.

The Evidence

Let us refer you to this aerial shot of Lunatics Playground, taken a few months back:


There’s something in this photo that may catch your eye, and believe me, it catches our eyes as well. There is some sort of outdoor, open roof corridor at the exit of the house. Mind you, this tent and it’s surroundings are completely new to the park specifically for HHN26, and there couldn’t be a secondary use for this snaking hallway.

Could this corridor be a chase scene that sends guests running back into the park? It’s possible. The twisted turns of this hallway could be very disorienting and frightening if one were to be running away from someone, making for a very effective scare. Imagine brightly colored, glow in the dark arrows painted on the walls that point you in the direction of the exit, guiding you through the turns as you run for your life. After all, this is a 3D house, and bright colors are used to create the dimensional effects.

Another aerial shot was taken just yesterday, and it seems that the corridor has been painted black, and two additional turns have even been added. Looking closely at the photo you will also notice 2 people standing in the corridor, one in a white shirt and the other in orange, both wearing baseball caps. The people standing in the hall gives us an idea of how tall the walls are (half height, ending around the hip) Check it out:

You may also note that there are no nooks for scare actors to hide in and pop out of to scare guests. Just flat walls. Will they hide behind the half height walls and jump up?

The fact that this corridor continues to be decorated and modified leads us to believe that it will likely be used for the house’s exit scene. Will Chance or one of her minions chase us out with a weapon, or are we wrong and this is simply some sort of outdoor segment at the end of the house? Unfortunately, we won’t know for sure until Sept. 16th….

Do you think HHN is ready for another chase scene? Are you ready for another chase scene? Let us know in the comments!