Further Speculation: Lunatic’s Playground entry and queue location

Two days ago we showed you guys some aerial shots of the Lunatics Playground house and speculated the use of it’s outdoor corridor attached to the side of it’s tent, but a reader came to us with great certainty that it is actually to be used as a seperate ADA entrance ramp for disabled visitors looking to take a trip into Chance’s mind. Let’s take a look at both possibilities as to what this hallway could be utilized for…

If it is an exit as previously speculated by us…

There is a large pair of gates between MIB: Alien Attack and the Fear Factor stage (which hosts Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure) that we believe will be used to as the entrance to the house’s queue.


This area can be used as the queue entrance location as it is large and out of the way of the main walkways, so as to not cause any traffic jams. Not only this, but the driveway behind the gate is quite wide and long, it would be able to accommodate a 3+ hour house queue quite easily. Please refer to the below photo for visual representation of this possible entry set up.

Red: Queue Entry, Blue: Queue space, Yellow: Facade and house entrance

As you can see, there is quite a decent amount of space to facilitate a long line during hell week (October 26-31) without any cramming. This entry set up is what we speculate is the most logical set up for this house.

If it is indeed an ADA access ramp….

The aforementioned informant implied a different queue location along with an additional re-routed entrance to facilitate disabled guests visiting the house, due to the house’s entrance having a few steps leading up into the tent. In this particular queue set up, the MIB: Alien Attack extended queue will be repurposed as the line for the haunted house.


Please refer to the below visual representation for this alleged set up.

Red: Queue Entry, Blue: Queue space, Yellow: Facade and House entry, Green: Re-Route for disabled guests going up access ramp

As you can see, the disabled guest would enter the tent through the side and essentially walk past some behind the scenes areas of the house to enter the main entrance through a detour of sorts. We rarely see any sort of disabled access ramps like this at horror nights events. With a select few scenes as exceptions (the sinking ship in Monsters and Mayhem at HHN25 had a slight detour within the scene for disabled guests, for example), houses are typically completely ADA accessible, ever since “The People Under The Stairs” made its last appearance.

But if it is an access ramp, it raises some questions…

There are a few details that have us scratching our heads a bit. For example, if this is indeed an ADA access ramp, why has it recently been painted black? Halloween Horror Nights is a primarily night time event, and painting this access ramp black would be disadvantageous to it’s users, say if they also have issues being able to see clearly. In addition to this, the corridor is quite narrow, and it’s turns are quite sharp. We can foresee some issues with particularly large ECV scooters not being able to fit around these turns, or even through the narrow corridor itself.

On top of all of this, we can’t see the MIB extended queue being able to accommodate a three hour long haunted house queue like we have seen in the past.


These lines can get very large and take up a lot of space, and the Alien Attack queue in question would get very crammed very quickly on any given peak night.

So there you have it

Two possible queue set ups for this house. One has the corridor used at the exit of the house, and one has it being used to facilitate disabled visitors. With various reasons why each possibility would work, it seems it could go either way. What do you think is the purpose of the corridor? We at HHNU are still crossing our fingers that this year marks the return of the chase out scene. Once again, we will not know for sure until Sept 16 and the house’s first visitors make their way through the terrors that await them…..

Do you think the corridor is a handicap accessible ramp, or are you still hoping for a grand finale at the end of this house? Let us know in the comments!