Roaming Hordes at HHN26

Last year saw the return of the roaming hordes around the park, all three of which wielding chainsaws. The hordes are to return this year, so let’s dive into what we will see terrorizing the streets this year. But first thing is first….

What is a roaming horde?

At Halloween Horror Nights, a roaming horde is a group of scareactors prowling the streets that are not listed on the map, and most of the time not even mentioned as being on the streets at all. The most infamous roaming horde is the “Chainsaw Drill Team,” wearing flannel shirts covered in blood, torn jeans, bandanas, and the classic orange and grey chainsaw. They have made their return many a time to horror nights over the years, and are practically a staple in the event’s history and lore. Not all roaming hordes carry chainsaws, but more often than not, they do.

The Chainsaw Drill Team in their most classic appearance, dawning flannel shirts, denim jeans, and bandanas.
Over the years, the chainsaw drill team has seen a few make overs. From Army Bootcamps to tall men in trench coats with faces painted white with large spades, the chainsaw drill team has really evolved since their first appearance.


The teams make for effective scares with their weapons of choice, and even occasionally chase guests when they’re scared enough. Trying to avoid these actors only make them more interested in terrifying you, so the last thing you should do is walk in a diagonal line attempting to avoid them. They can tell you’re afraid.

drill team
The Chainsaw “Boot Camp” team

Their saws are loud, and they often swing them at guests feet and legs, and can occasionally be seen scratching them against the pavement, making a dreadful noise. Of course with any chainsaws seen at HHN, the chains have been removed, therefore making the weapons harmless. This doesn’t stop people from being terrified of them, though.

The Escaped Female Convicts
The most recent makeover of the chainsaw drill team was at last year’s HHN25, which put them in clown outfits and set them loose in the Simpson’s “Springfield” area of the park. This troop was very successful and scared guests relentlessly.

HHN26 to have FOUR roaming hordes!

Many of our reliable sources have informed us that there will be roaming hordes at this year’s event, in fact there will be an astounding four of them all around the park, all of which carrying chainsaws! Let’s dive right into what characters these hordes will consist of, shall we?

Japanese Geishas

Japanese Geishas will be hiding in Sting Alley, which is an alleyway in the Manhattan area of the park.

For those that don’t know, a Geisha is a Japanese woman with white face paint and wearing a colorful kimono, considered to be beautiful within Japanese society. They are often seen with umbrellas or hand fans.

But we are talking about Halloween Horror Nights here. They most definitely won’t appear as nice and approachable as the photos above. The Geishas we are to see at HHN26 will be much more sinister, covered in blood, dawning weapons, and seeking vengeance. Something happened in these Geisha’s past, a betrayal of sorts, that caused them to become enraged and eager to kill.

Chainsaw Wielding Hillbillies


These hillbillies gone mad will be found at the entrance of the Simpsons ride, wearing overalls, straw hats, and pieces of wheat in their teeth. They are eager to chop you up and feed you to their swine, so you better run!


To be seen between the transformers ride and Mel’s Drive In, these scarecrows are tired of protecting the crops of their farmers, so much so that they have found themselves a handful of chainsaws and are looking for revenge on the humans that neglected to give them a brain!

Demented Cheerleaders


Between Central Park and the Kwik-E-Mart in Springfield, these cheerleaders really let their popularity get to them! They can’t stand the thought of you having more friends than them, and they will make sure you learn your lesson with a swift swing of their saw’s blade!

Practically nowhere will be safe this year!

There have been a handful of Horror Nights seasons that claimed to have no safe areas, but this was never completely true, but with this year’s line up of an unheard of four roaming hordes, this year may be the first year where we can confidently say there will be no areas that you will feel safe.

Are you excited to see Geishas, cheerleaders, hillbillies, and scarecrows roaming the park this year?! Let us know in the comments!