HHN27 Dates to be Officially Released on…

Over the past few years it has been the British travel agents who have officially confirmed the dates for Halloween Horror Nights, even before Halloween Horror Nights has even confirmed the dates for themselves!  However as this is the new norm, the tradition is set to continue this year when the British travel agents will be releasing their Fall itineraries for this coming haunt season.

Speaking to three of the many agents currently based in the UK, they have all been told by Universal that on 23rd February (mark your diaries!) they can release the dates and begin selling all the various UK only tickets for HHN. US tickets usually go on sale a short while later.  This is significant as this is the first time that dates will be officially confirmed for HHN27.

We posted at the end of last month when Universal accidentally leaked the dates for HHN27 here. This survey (now taken down) said that the dates would run from Friday September 15th 2017 and will finish on the 5th November; with a whopping 7 weeks of HHN goodness in between!!

Have these dates been locked in?  Will be get 7 weeks of HHN madness?  We’ll all find out on February 23rd!

Keep your eyes peeled here for more information as soon as we have it!