Universal Employees Given HHN27 Dates


Universal employees have this weekend been given the dates of HHN27 via their employee portal.  The dates are supposedly:

September: October: November:
15th Friday 1st Sunday 3rd Friday
16th Saturday 4th Wednesday 4th Saturday
17th Sunday 5th Thursday
21st Thursday 6th Friday
22nd Friday 7th Saturday
23rd Saturday 8th Sunday
24th Sunday 11th Wednesday
28th Thursday 12th Thursday
29th Friday 13th Friday
30th Saturday 14th Saturday
15th Sunday
18th Wednesday
19th Thursday
20th Friday
21st Saturday
22nd Sunday
25 Wednesday
26th Thursday
27th Friday
28th Saturday
29th Sunday
30th Monday
31st Tuesday

HHNU has no access to the employee portal so these dates are strictly in the “to be confirmed” status until Universal officially confirms the dates or the UK Travel Agents begin their early release of tickets, as reported here earlier.

They are also the same, albeit one day less than the dates that were leaked online via the survey portal. If true, that’s 35 nights of HHN glory (or should that be gory!?), 2 more than last year even after the event was extended by a further 2 nights (so 4 more in total if you include for only the planned nights).

How awesome is that? The event will be spread over 3 months! Are you excited?
Let us know in the comments below!