Recap: Codenames & Clues

As a lot of information has been teased to us recently via Twitter we thought we’d update you all on exactly what we know so far.  Unfortunately for some, the amount we know for sure extends mostly to just Hollywood with their Creative Director John Murdy releasing hints via their official twitter handle.

It is also worth noting that Hollywood releases its codenames to tease the HHN fan community and to drive speculation.  Although this is true of Orlando, it can be seen in past years that the use of codenames for Orlando is more operational than perhaps they are in Hollywood.

It is also worth pointing out that Hollywood and Orlando are sharing one or more of the houses this year, which is a trend that has been increasing in recent years.


Lemonade (Maze One)

– This maze has been almost completely redesigned during its development.
– The change was not driven by the original filmmakers.
– The change in design makes the codename even more valid.
– Technically, the codename is easy to guess the IP behind it.
– The codename was suggested to Murdy by the movie’s director.

Charles (Maze Two)

– Contains a scene that is supposed to be the trickiest thing they have ever done for HHN.
– It may be a maze that has been seen before but in a different way “everything old is new again.”
– Referenced as being something that Murdy never thought they would be allowed to do.
– Has something to do with a character from within the movie tied to this maze.
– The tricky scene is iconic to the movie in question.  It is said to be trickier than The Exorcist from last year.

Writer’s Block (Maze Three)

– Has the longest treatment at some 121 pages long.
– The letters M and N were missing on the keyboard in the photo hint.

The Big Chill (Maze Four)

– The treatment is just 62 pages long.
– Chills have been referenced as being frights, as this movie gives Murdy chills to this very day.


– Murdy has said they are not using Five Nights at Freddy’s.
– All houses at Hollywood will be IP based.
– Some of the mazes are wholly new to HHN and have never been to HHN Hollywood before.
– Mazes will not mix IPs, for example, Freddy Vs Jason Vs Leatherface etc.
– The Terror Tram will return this year.
– No rock/music based houses.
– Bill and Ted will not be returning to Hollywood.
– Stephen King houses are not being considered for Hollywood this year.  Suggesting still that Stephen King is not interested in working with HHN yet, despite their offers.
– The movie Dead Silence will not be a maze this year.
– No 3D mazes this year.
– One of the mazes will be based on a movie that has yet to be released.
– Hollywood likes to use movies that are instantly recognizable or have a large following.
The Walking Dead won’t feature as a house as it has a full-time attraction within the park.


Checkmate (House One)

BRAINS (House Two)


American Horror Story is said to be returning.
– As Stephen King properties are not appearing in Hollywood, they are likely not appearing in Orlando either.

That’s it for now, but stay tuned for more HHN news, rumors and commentary as we get it!