Halloween Horror Nights Unofficial: Around the Globe – Hollywood and Beyond!

The latest additon to the award winning series of unofficial books featuring Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights has been released!

If you’re brave enough to attend Universal‘s Halloween Horror Nights, you better believe you’ll need a survival guide. And if you’ve read the Orlando version of this book then you need to see how the event started and how it spread across the globe. Complete with a detailed history of each location, this book is all that stands between you and them. For over 30 years, Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights has been the globe’s premier Halloween event spreading to Orlando, Hollywood, Across 12 US States, Europe (Spain), Singapore and Japan. You won’t find Mickey there (he’s too scared!), but you will find the bloodiest, goriest, most intense thrills of your life. Skipping Orlando (that’s in the other book), Christopher Ripley pulls back the shroud and tells the history of every HHN location around the Universal globe showing how their unique brand of horror is truly a global phenomenon to be reckoned with.

Some of the great tales inside include:

  • Discover how Halloween Horror Nights is now a true global spectacle
  • Which 12 US states other than California and Florida have hosted HHN haunts
  • Read all about the two lost years of HHN that are recorded nowhere in the history books or online!!
  • How a HHN maze became an actual movie!
  • How Wrestling and Rock Music have been involved with creating fantastic HHN mazes
  • How Alfred Hitchcock designed his own haunted house!
  • How Terror Tram would be a sequel to a maze in the same year!
  • The ‘True-Life’ stories of Ghosts haunting the Universal backlot
  • How ‘Flash Gordon’ solved a true haunting on the Hollywood backlot
  • How a Star Wars actor helped design one of the most iconic Hollywood mazes ever
  • The famous filmmaker who actually worked as a scareactor in his own maze!
  • Which HHN house recreated an actual building with a ‘genuine’ local curse on it!?
  • Which scareactor has been at every year at Hollywood and which icon has been to every domestic and international HHN?

All this and more, giving you all the gory details you need about the Horror Nights at Hollywood, Spain, Singapore and Japan!

Get your copy now HERE!

Maze Announcement at SDCC?

Every single year there is always a Special type of Announcement they like to save for a Event or last. It’s usually quite big and the last few years it has been Silent Hill (2012), Evil Dead (2013), The Walking Dead (2014), and Crimson Peak (2015)For those unaware of SDCC let me explain…


SDCC stands for San Diego Comic Con. Which is Comic Con that takes place in San Diego. It’s a place for Movies, TV Shows, Announcements, Reveals, Signings, and of course! Comics.


It has also been a Host for HHN Maze Announcements such as Silent Hill in 2012, Evil Dead in 2013, Promoting The Walking Dead for HHN in 2014, and announcing Crimson Peak exclusively for HHN Hollywood in 2015.

Now there have been rumors circling around One Property that will be at San Diego Comic Con and today I wanted to talk about that property and see if it could be announced at San Diego Comic Con… Let’s go!



Now I’m sure it’s no surprise to you that the Saw Franchise is extremely popular and has been at HHN before in 2009 for Orlando and at Hollywood in 2009 and 2010.


The Maze faced Mixed Receptions over at Orlando in 2009 but at Hollywood it was loved both years it was at the event. It was based on all 7 Films from the Franchise.


It should be no surprise that there will be a New Film coming out October 27th titled Jigsaw. The Plot is…

“Bodies are turning up all around the city, each having met a uniquely gruesome demise. As the investigation proceeds, evidence points to one man: John Kramer. But how can this be? The man known as Jigsaw has been dead for over a decade.”

There will be a Reveal Panel for the Film on Friday July 21st at 5pm-6pm Pst time.

So as the rumors having been circling around the return of Jigsaw at HHN as a Maze it begs the question…

“Will Jigsaw be announced for HHN at San Diego Comic Con?”

Also this was hinted at by The Ifrit so there is a good chance it will be a Maze.

The Maze also had appeared on the Leaked Lineup back in Late March for Hollywood as well. Also Murdy recently tweeted out that he would be back in LA by July 18th.

Could he be returning so that he can attend the Panel on July 21st and announce it? Guess we will find out… But here’s to the return of Jigsaw!


What do you think? Do you think Jigsaw will be announced as a Maze on July 21st at SDCC? Did you experience the Saw Maze in 2009 at Orlando or at Hollywood in 2009 or 2010? If so what did you think of it? What do you think of Saw returning to the event? Let us know in the Comments!

American Horror Story Roanoke Announced for HHN Hollywood!

As told to us at HHNU back at Monsterpalooza American Horror Story will be returning to HHN Hollywood Not to be confused with Orlando’s offering this house will be based on Season 6 known as Roanoke only!

And the details:

“Deep in the backwoods of North Carolina, there is an isolated farmhouse that has witnessed centuries of horror! Legend has it that the house was built close to the site of the infamous “Lost Colony of Roanoke”.

No one knows what happened to the doomed colonists of Roanoke, but the suffering of the residents of the farmhouse has been well documented a legacy of murder and madness that extends back into the murky past in an unbroken chain of horror!

They say that the most dangerous time to visit the farmhouse is during the first moon after the harvest…the Blood Moon! But in the woods beyond the haunted farmhouse, even worse horrors await! Whispers of cannibalism, blood-sacrifices & murderous spirits who still cling to the cursed land! Terrible secrets waiting to be discovered!

Welcome to American Horror Story: Roanoke!”

Tweets by Creative Director John Murdy:

Orlando will be Asylum, Coven, and Roanoke and Hollywood is Roanoke only. As for additional details the Codename was Lemonade. Connection was that Roanoke dropped like the Beyonce album… without advance pr on what it was gonna be. More announcements will be coming soon!

Are you attending HHN Hollywood or Orlando this year? Are you excited for AHS being at Both Coasts? Let us know in the comments!

Is This Show Returning to HHN Hollywood?

For a very long time in Hollywood we had what was known as the King of Horror comedy shows at theme parks known as Bill and Ted. It was canceled in 2013 mid-way through the event due to issues that we will not discuss. In 2014 we saw 7 Mazes, 4 Scare Zones, and 1 Terror Tram but no Show. In 2015 we saw 4 Returning Properties being The Walking Dead, Insidious, Halloween, and Alien Vs Predator. We also saw 2 New Properties being Crimson Peak and This Is The End. We saw 4 Scare Zones that year and an all New Purge Terror Tram. But… that year we also saw the addition of a Brand New Show Known as Jabbawockeez.

For those unaware the Jabbawockeez is a Las Vegas Dance Group who in 2015 appeared at Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood. As someone who did see the Show I actually enjoyed it but I can’t say the same for some people in the HHN Community. It did actually face a lot of Positive Support and drew massive amounts of Crowds to the Show. On the whole it was super well liked and quite popular. In 2016 they brought Jabbawockeez back with New Songs, a Plot, Some Horror Themes, and Comedy. I actually say the Show improved greatly in 2016 and in my opinion it was pretty fantastic. Jabbawockeez works well at HHN Hollywood as 30 Minute Show.

As I was scanning through the Hollywood site last night I noticed on the Universal Website for Copyright and Trademark that it had just been updated to include this…


Yep, so it begs the question “Is Jabbawockeez Returning to HHN Hollywood?”. Probably. As I stated above the Show was very well liked and very popular so there’s a very good chance that the Jabbawockeez will be returning to HHN Hollywood.


So there you have it, here’s to Jabbawockeez possibly returning to HHN Hollywood!

Did you attend Jabbawockeez in 2015 or last year? Do you want or think Jabbawockeez will return to HHN Hollywood? Tell us in the Comments!


HHN Hollywood History: Maze Locations

HHN Hollywood has been around for quite some time now. 2017 will be Murdy’s 12th Year designing HHN. Hollywood like Orlando has Maze Locations, however, Hollywood has a lot more Tents than Orlando does. We have been having 6 to 7 Mazes recently and we are rumored this year to be going to 8 Mazes. There is a lot of history behind some of the Locations at Hollywood and their History of the Mazes that have been there. So this Blog Post is for Orlando Users who don’t know the Locations and it will include Mazes that have been in that Area within the last 6 years that are currently gonna keep being used. Ready? Let’s Go!

We will be starting with the Upper Lot, then going to talk about the Lower Lot, and finally the Backlot.




This Queue was previously home to the Infamous House of Horrors which featured infamous Universal Monsters. It then in 2016 was announced to become home to The Walking Dead during the Summer of that year. It became a Reality and it recreated scenes from the hit tv show. It’s been very infamous to be holding Mazes relating to the Universal Monsters and that is where the name HOH (House of Horrors) comes from. It’s a interesting location as it holds either Universal Monsters Remix or a Promotional Film.


2010: Vampyr Castle of the Undead

2011: The Wolfman The Curse of Talbot Hall

2012: Universal Monsters Remix

2013: Universal Monsters Remix: Resurrection

2014: Face Off: In the Flesh

2016: The Walking Dead



One of the newest Locations that was discovered and used is the Waterworld Queue. Which is home to the hit show Waterworld. In 2016 it was used for the first time for the Maze The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Blood Brothers and judging off that Maze, the Waterworld Queue seems like a Pretty Great Place for Mazes. It’s a very long queue so it’s easy to see why it’s great for Horror Nights as it allows Murdy to make some pretty long Mazes.


2016: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Blood Brothers



One of the more odd Locations is the Persian Courtyard. It hasn’t had too many mazes but it has had some pretty bizarre ones. Some Really Good and some really… Odd. It’s not really the greatest Place for Mazes as it isn’t very long and it’s a pretty tight Area. It was not used in 2016 for any mazes but has been rumored (By the Leaked Lineup) to return to HHN this year. Fingers Crossed!


2013: El Cucuy: The Boogeyman

2014: Dracula Untold: Reign of Blood

2015: Halloween Michael Myers Comes Home


JP QUEUE:13256894_814429285323861_187439643_n

It started being used in 2011 and has been used ever since. The JP Queue is possibly the Best Maze Location at HHN. It always holds a Great Maze in the venue that usually is a Favorite. It excels at being the Perfect Length for a Maze and all of the Mazes that have been in this Queue have had Great Scares. It is located next to Jurassic Park hence JP Queue. The JP Queue is incredible as a Maze Location and every year it holds one of the Best Mazes of the Year.


2011: Alice Cooper’s Welcome To My Nightmare

2012: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Saw Is The Law

2013: Insidious: Into the Further

2014: An American Werewolf in London

2015: Insidious: Return to the Further 

2016: Halloween: Hell Comes to Haddonfield  



Also one of the longest running Maze Locations at HHN. The Mummy Queue is also right next to the Revenge of The Mummy hence the Mummy Queue. It’s been known to hold Good Mazes for most of the time. It was good until 2014 it didn’t get back to normal until The Exorcist happened. It’s another really bizarre Queue in the Park. The Mazes in this Queue are also very short. It’s definitely Infamous and Famous for Sure. It also is the first Maze to start Construction in 2017 and is rumored to have Stanley Kubrick’s Classic The Shining.


2010: Saw: Game On

2011: Eli Roth’s Hostel: Hunting Season

2012: Welcome to Silent Hill

2013: Evil Dead: Book of the Dead

2014: Clowns 3D: Music By Slash

2015: This Is The End 3D

2016: The Exorcist 




It wasn’t used until 2013 for the first time by The Walking Dead. It’s a pretty Famous and Great Maze Location. It’s pretty Famous for holding some of the Most Beautifully Designed Mazes at HHN. There’s not really too much to say about it. It doesn’t usually get the Longest Waits even though it has had some fantastic Mazes.


2013: The Walking Dead: No Safe Haven

2014: The Walking Dead: End of The Line

2015: Crimson Peak: Maze of Madness

2016: Krampus

747 AREA:


Again it was used for the first time in 2013 for a Maze called Black Sabbath 13 3D. While it wasn’t off to a great start it was used again in 2014 for one of Hollywood’s Most Complex Mazes (And Most Expensive). That Maze was AVP: Alien Vs Predator and it was so expensive that they brought it back in 2015 the exact same! In 2016 they took it out of the Soundstage and brought it outside as a Tented Maze. Murdy has stated that he probably won’t able to do it in the Soundstage this year and have to do in a tent outside of the Soundstage.


2013: Black Sabbath 13-3D

2014: AVP: Alien Vs Predator

2015: AVP: Alien Vs Predator

2016: Freddy Vs Jason



This is also sort of one of the most recent Maze Locations. It started being used in 2014 with it’s first Maze being From Dusk Till Dawn hence the name FDTD and it’s a pretty interesting area. It’s only had two mazes and both have of them have been Tv Shows. Both were pretty good. I think this Queue will become a Favorite in the near future.


2014: From Dusk Till Dawn

2016: American Horror Story

That’s it! The History of Hollywood’s Maze Locations at HHN. Tell us in the Comments what’s your Favorite Maze Location And Whether You’re Going to HHN Hollywood This year?

What is “Charles”?

The Second Codename codenamed at Hollywood was”Charles” and it is one of the Most Complex Codenames I think I have ever seen. A lot of the codenames this year don’t have hints but even this one has some hints compared to others and it’s incredibly difficult to solve. But let’s look into what this hints that we’ve received so far….

– Tricker than “The Exorcist”
– Has a Iconic Scene that is Instantly associated with the Property and took Murdy a while to figure out
– The Codename could possibly have to do with a Character
– “The other relates to property but is personal too”
– Murdy is excited about this Maze as he thought he never would do it
– “Everything Old is New Again”
– “Yes I named this maze after a friend of mine who shares a name…and other connections”
– “Shhh…”
– Treatment is 71 Pages Long

Those are the hints but what do they lead to? Well after a lot of research I have come to the fact that it could be one of two Properties. Let’s start with the first Property.


There has been a lot of talk about “The Shining” this year through rumors and through most people thinking that it will happen (It was also apart of the Hollywood Leaked Lineup). I personally think it’s more than just that Charles Grady is a character in The Shining so that means Charles is confirmed to be The Shining but it could be a much deeper connection. The Tricky Scene to pull off could be the Elevator Blood Scene which would be pretty hard to pull off. It is also very iconic and very associated with the film. The “Shhh…” could stand for “Shining”.

The Whole Connection I have is this… The Quote “Everything Old is New Again” when you look it up has been quoted by Stephen King in The Colorado Kid but I beg to differ. The Song “Everything Old is New Again” has the lyrics “Let’s go backwards when forward fails” which could refer the theory about certain parts of Stanley’s film showing new details when playing the film backwards and forwards. The Show Brockmire has a Character named John Elton played by Ryan Lee and one of the main characters is Charles played by Tyrel Jackson Williams which if you switch the name John Elton around with the whole Backwards thing you get Elton John which shares one of John’s names. Elton John has been mentioned before for something Alice Cooper related and Elton John has actually written a song called “Shine on Through”. It’s personal in the film that Danny has the power to Shine. It would be very hard to pull off as while “The Exorcist” only has the Scary Scenes taking place in the Bedroom being only one Scene. “The Shining”s environments are huge and massive to pull off. This is how the Maze could be done…

Enough with that. The other Property could be…


Might be something that may shock some of you but this is something that has been bugging me as of late. This something that was mentioned last year at Scarela that it was something Murdy wanted to do after “The Exorcist” along with “The Thing”. There is a tweet that is absolutely random that it could be a very subtle way of Murdy telling us it’s Evil Dead.

Now the tricky scene is that “Evil Dead 2” has the Deer Scene which could be very tricky to pull off and it’s very iconic. This tweet is very random in that why did Murdy change the topic during talking about Charles to talking about Evil Dead 2. It could also very much be a troll that Murdy is trying to pull off. But look also at this the first Codename of Orlando was Checkmate that 3 Checks it takes to win Chess and that the Maze first announced was “American Horror Story” which includes 3 Seasons being Asylum, Coven, and Roanoke. The First Codename for Hollywood was “Lemonade” and it was recently confirmed to be “American Horror Story”. The Second Codename for Orlando was “BRAINS” and for Hollywood it was “Charles”. Could it be that the first Codename is both AHS and the Second Codename for bot coasts is “Evil Dead”? There is no connection as of now for it.

Time will tell…

What do you think Charles is? Tell us in the Comments!

HHN 2017 Hollywood (4/14) Q&A Info

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen my name is Justyn Schwoegler and this is probably the first you have ever heard from me on HHNU. John Murdy on April 14th, 2017 the Creative Director for Hollywood did a Q&A for Fans. There will be some info for Orlando fans so stick around! And so I have attached some of those Questions and Answers to explain them. Enjoy!

This is referring to the Actual first Maze Announcement which hasn’t been made yet.  It is saying that we will probably get the first Maze announcement next month. Which if Orlando wanted to make a exclusive announcement during that time they could.

In the recent Hollywood Leaked Lineup it is stated that Insidious would be returning and would go into the JP (Jurassic Park Queue) once again. Well Murdy confirmed a while back that “The Big Chill” will be in the JP Queue. Meaning that Insidious could once again be shared with Orlando this year.

Hmm… The Shining?

So all Original Scare Zones for Hollywood this year! No more Purge!

So the Codename “Writer’s Block” was thought to be The Shining but the connection with that is dead now that Murdy has said that the connection is through the photo with Keyboard. The Keyboard has 3 Letters missing H, M, and N. It could go to the band Neutral Milk Lemonade or it could be MN for Minnesota referring to a Person from the film who was born in Minnesota (Similar to last year’s Wisconsin Codename) or NM for New Mexico.

Hmm… A couple of Properties go up in my Mind: The Shining, IT, Salem’s Lot, Evil Dead 2, or The Thing? I would probably go with The Shining or Evil Dead 2.

So the biggest news is that Codename 1 for Hollywood is actually American Horror Story. There has been a lot of confusion about the Community recently about AHS and Hollywood but let me explain… Orlando announced American Horror Story on March 29th, 2017 but Hollywood didn’t. In one of the Press Releases there was a leak where it said that Hollywood would also have AHS. Then fast forward to Monsterpalooza Murdy announced AHS to return but didn’t announce any details regarding the seasons. He stated there would be an official announcement with all the details later and it won’t be the first official maze announcement as Lemonade has been confirmed to be AHS.

In the leaked Lineup Hollywood was said to be having One Season being Roanoke and Orlando having 3 seasons… Asylum, Coven, and Roanoke. Lemonade was stated to have a rewrite on the Maze for a large portion. Could that rewrite be Murdy trying to change the Maze from 3 Seasons to being Roanoke Only? He stated the rewrite would be better connected with the Codename and Property and the connection is that Roanoke was dropped like Lemonade without any advance PR on what it was gonna be. But I guess we will find out.


But that was all the info for the Q&A! Thank you for reading and make sure to check out everything else we do! This is Justyn Schwoegler signing off.

Thoughts on the Hints and Q&A? Drop it in the Comments!

HHN’s Worst Smells Ever!

Halloween Horror Nights have been using smells within their houses for years.  These pungent and peculiar scents are manufactured off-site and installed within the houses to give us guests that extra sensory level punch to our guts when visiting these hyper detailed sets.

Aiello and Co use an office out back that is rarely used to select their pongs of choice, whereas Murdy at Hollywood likes to use an empty soundstage when selecting what fowl odors he likes to place strategically throughout the mazes of the West coast.  So we at HHNU thought we’d open the HHN Archives and have a look at what we think are the 5 best  worst  most disgusting HHN smells ever!


  1. “Soured Pine”

Back in 2013 we had a house created from the rebooted version of the Evil Dead. It came complete with the long running/tracking shot to the house’s door, just like in the movie, the scene featured faux pine trees in a forest section with strobe lights and oodles of fog.  The smell may have been familiar to many as it featured Amanda aka Boston White from Dis After Dark’s favorite scent, that of the pine smell from the park’s only original attraction E.T.’s queue area but with a “soured” hint to enforce the horror of the scene.


2. “Pea Soup & Vomit”

Our editor Chris Ripley was interviewed by Fox News last year where he told the news channel his most dreaded smell ever was the vomit scent from inside The Exorcist house.  He told Fox:

“…You walk through the recreated house shown in the film and into the scene where the possessed girl is vomiting. The walls are covered in pea soup, mattresses are hanging from the ceiling with vomit covering everything. A barf smell is even infused into the air while hearing a convulsing sound. It’s absolutely terrifying…I loved it!”

HHNU’s Senior Writer Scott covered the Hollywood event for HHNU last year and said that the vomit smell was like Orlando’s… just 100 times stronger – ugh gross!!


3. “Feces” (yep!)

For this heinous crime against noses (and eyes too for this one!) we have to go waaaay back to 2003’s event at Islands of Adventure for the debut of an iconic HHN franchise: ‘PsychoScareapy’.

The house would feature a now infamous scene set in a bathroom area which had a scareactor painting faux feces onto the tiled walls with a similar smell pumped into the room (the poor actor!).  The smell and visually demonstration worked well to send guests running from the house and probably heaving too.  The scene has been recreated since but not to the same toxicity as the original scent.  Damn, I think I can still smell this!


4. “Burning Flesh”

For our next installment we hop over to 2007’s PsychoScareapy: Home for the Holidays, which was one of the many sequels to 2003’s house and it also featured a now legendary smell of epic proportions.

Disney all year round will pump cotton candy or popcorn scents into the air to make you comfortable or to spur you into buying some of their sugary snacks – Universal doesn’t.  So instead of gingerbread and chestnuts roasting on a open fire we got burning human flesh at 2007’s Home for the Holidays.

An escaped inmate from Shadybrook had broken into a house and placed some of the home’s mother into the oven.  Gingerbread shapes had been taken from her back, cooked in the oven and were being eaten by the inmates.  How festive!


5. Clowns 3D: Music by Slash

Over on the West coast John Murdy used a great trick to lure guests in with a clever trick using smells.  At the opening of the twisted Clowns 3D maze, musician Slash created a soundtrack that complemented the smells.  Guests would enter into an ice-cream factory and would be soothed by the smells of vanilla, strawberry and chocolate before a key-change on the soundtrack and plumes of vomit smell would be pumped in to coincide with the arrival of the maniacal hosts of the maze.  Afterwards guests would never have the urge to eat ice-cream ever again!

So there you have it, our top 5 worst/best/most gross smells ever!  Do you agree with us?  Let us know in the comments!







Rumor: Hellraiser No No No?

The HHNU Office has been inundated with fans writing into us saying that they’ve heard a rumor about Hellraiser being a house for #HHN27.  Hellraiser, as I’m sure you all know, was a 1987 British horror movie written and directed by Clive Barker, based on his earlier novella The Hellbound Heart.  It spawned no less than 9 sequels including one that is being released this year entitled Hellraiser: Judgement. The series has scored countless fans across the globe including no less than Stephen King who was once quoted as saying, “I have seen the future of horror and his name is Clive Barker.”

The History

To date, Hellraiser has never officially been a house, maze, icon or scarezone at HHN – though Pinhead (and others) might have 100% unofficially popped up from time to time in the odd house and showing of the annual Bill and Ted Show.  Barker on the other hand, has worked at Halloween Horror Nights three times at the Hollywood iteration of the event.  In 1998 he debuted a FREAKZ maze, in 1999 he offered up Hell followed by Harvest in 2000.  All of which were listed by Universal as being fully designed, produced and directed by the ‘master of horror‘.  All of which were incredibly popular for the event and began the series of horror producers working directly with Universal Hollywood (Rob Zombie and Eli Roth would all follow suit, aside: man I wish Hitchcock could have been alive today to do a house!).


The Meeting

So based on Barker’s history with the event it would seem that some credence should be given to the rumor; we however needed something more. It was then that we were forwarded this screenshot from a tweet that occurred at the end of last year:


The tweet shows that during Murdy’s annual pilgrimage around the major studios getting approvals for using their IPs he may have had a meeting with Barker himself, they have after-all worked together on three events. Luckily, within our team we have some contacts at Barker’s office, so we reached out.  This was the formal response:

I am afraid Clive has not been approached about Halloween Horror Nights. Nor have we heard of there being a Hellraiser themed maze. This may have been licensed through Dimension who own the film rights – but no one has reached out to involve Clive.

It was then our hearts sank and Halloween Horror Nights aficionados will have spotted why.  On paper you can see that Barker has worked with HHN before, he has a new Hellraiser movie coming out and Murdy may have had a meeting with him.  So to have a Hellraiser house at HHN on either or both coasts should be a given, no?

No, the little word ‘Dimension’ was uttered and this changes EVERYTHING.

The Trouble with Dimension

Turbulent” is said to be an understatement for the past relationship between Universal and Dimension.  Started by Disney (yes Disney!) in 1993 but sold to the Weinstein Company in 2006, Dimension has grown from modest roots to become a “mini-major“, i.e. small to medium independent television and motion picture production studios working in Hollywood.

Dimension first began their foray into our HHN world with 2011’s with Scream 4 Your Life Terror Tram at HHN Hollywood where old Ghostface was the event’s icon that year.  The idea was to cross-promote their new Scream 4 picture and bring an iconic character to the event that had never official appeared before.  The problems began to occur during the design stage and persisted through to the construction phase, no side has ever come out to dish what exactly went on, all we know is that after the event Ghostface would not be returning (though he had appeared prior to this in an unofficial capacity in various houses in Orlando).

Skip forward to the Spring of 2015 and Universal Orlando strikes a deal with Dimension to bring the original Scream to HHN25. Art and Design was supposedly overjoyed that Ghostface was now officially coming to the Orlando event and many hours were poured over watching and studying the original movie to ensure the house would be exacting to every last detail.  The house would eventually go through many approvals, lead to scores of alleged disagreements behind the scenes and would be argued right up to just weeks before HHN25 was due to open; it was rumored that Dimension and their MTV partners could not decide on whether the house should be from the original movie or from the then new TV series of the same name. With no head way in sight and with no final sign-off from Dimension, the house had to be pulled at the very last minute.  It was then retro-fitted and re-branded as the Universal owned Purge house.  To read a more detailed account of this issue, please hop over to Attractions Magazine and read an insightful piece by our buddy Fowl Owlerson.

The epic 25th year of the nationÕs best Halloween event, Universal OrlandoÕs Halloween Horror Nights, marks the biggest, longest and most intense event in history with nine haunted mazes, five unique scare zones and two thrilling shows. On select nights Sept. 18 through Nov. 1, guests can visit Universal OrlandoÕs theme parks by day and by night, become victims of their own horror film at Halloween Horror Nights 25.

Universal Wasn’t Happy

Universal was reportedly very sad at this outcome with one designer of the house being incredibly upset that his work would never see the light of day, plus all the money the company had poured into developing and then building the house that would never see the light of day.

This is why when Barker’s office told us that Dimension had control of the property it made us equally as sad.  Would Universal be ready to work with Dimension so soon after the trouble of HHN25?  We think not.  But ANYTHING is possible, and just because Barker’s office don’t know of any houses, it doesn’t necessarily mean one isn’t being pitched or developed with Dimension; Barker is a very busy man, especially when a new addition to his franchise is due in theaters very soon. So it is plausible for a house being developed without Barker’s involvement but with his considerable contribution to HHN’s history it would surely be a shame if a house was being made without it’s original creator on board.

So there you have it, our take on why we think there will be no Hellraiser house for HHN27. 

But are we right?  What do you think? Let us know in the comments!




Recap: Codenames & Clues

As a lot of information has been teased to us recently via Twitter we thought we’d update you all on exactly what we know so far.  Unfortunately for some, the amount we know for sure extends mostly to just Hollywood with their Creative Director John Murdy releasing hints via their official twitter handle.

It is also worth noting that Hollywood releases its codenames to tease the HHN fan community and to drive speculation.  Although this is true of Orlando, it can be seen in past years that the use of codenames for Orlando is more operational than perhaps they are in Hollywood.

It is also worth pointing out that Hollywood and Orlando are sharing one or more of the houses this year, which is a trend that has been increasing in recent years.


Lemonade (Maze One)

– This maze has been almost completely redesigned during its development.
– The change was not driven by the original filmmakers.
– The change in design makes the codename even more valid.
– Technically, the codename is easy to guess the IP behind it.
– The codename was suggested to Murdy by the movie’s director.

Charles (Maze Two)

– Contains a scene that is supposed to be the trickiest thing they have ever done for HHN.
– It may be a maze that has been seen before but in a different way “everything old is new again.”
– Referenced as being something that Murdy never thought they would be allowed to do.
– Has something to do with a character from within the movie tied to this maze.
– The tricky scene is iconic to the movie in question.  It is said to be trickier than The Exorcist from last year.

Writer’s Block (Maze Three)

– Has the longest treatment at some 121 pages long.
– The letters M and N were missing on the keyboard in the photo hint.

The Big Chill (Maze Four)

– The treatment is just 62 pages long.
– Chills have been referenced as being frights, as this movie gives Murdy chills to this very day.


– Murdy has said they are not using Five Nights at Freddy’s.
– All houses at Hollywood will be IP based.
– Some of the mazes are wholly new to HHN and have never been to HHN Hollywood before.
– Mazes will not mix IPs, for example, Freddy Vs Jason Vs Leatherface etc.
– The Terror Tram will return this year.
– No rock/music based houses.
– Bill and Ted will not be returning to Hollywood.
– Stephen King houses are not being considered for Hollywood this year.  Suggesting still that Stephen King is not interested in working with HHN yet, despite their offers.
– The movie Dead Silence will not be a maze this year.
– No 3D mazes this year.
– One of the mazes will be based on a movie that has yet to be released.
– Hollywood likes to use movies that are instantly recognizable or have a large following.
The Walking Dead won’t feature as a house as it has a full-time attraction within the park.


Checkmate (House One)

BRAINS (House Two)


American Horror Story is said to be returning.
– As Stephen King properties are not appearing in Hollywood, they are likely not appearing in Orlando either.

That’s it for now, but stay tuned for more HHN news, rumors and commentary as we get it!