It’s Official: AHS is returning for HHN27

Our first announcement has finally been bestowed upon us, and it’s a doozy!

Last year, we had to wait until the very last minutes for Universal Orlando to finally reveal that American Horror Story was indeed coming to Halloween Horror Nights, even though it has been rumored for many years prior.


Well, wait no more. In what is now the earliest house reveal in HHN history, American Horror Story has been announced as a haunted house attraction at this year’s HHN27. The house will take visitors through three more fear filled seasons of AHS: Asylum, Coven, and My Roanoke Nightmare! Guests will encounter Bloody Face, Marie LaVeau, Scathach, the Butcher, and many other characters in what promises to be another extra long uber house experience. Check out the announcement video on the official HHN Facebook here


The first house reveal is not usually the most anticipated by guests, or most crowd drawing. Given that this is the first announcement of the year, this tells us that HHN Orlando may have some crazy things in store for us this year! This makes us really excited for what else is in store for us this year at HHN27!


Loyal followers of HHNU know that we actually told our readers this was coming last year before HHN26 even opened its gates for it’s first night. Stick with us at HHN Unofficial and you will always hear everything first!