Jack and a HHN27 House Hiding

Today we received another tip-off from our HHNU army of HHN clue lovers that has discovered something that is either EVERYTHING or NOTHING….

It appears that held deep with the coding of the HHN Orlando website there are two striking anomalies. Coding for those that don’t know, are the hidden instructions written by a programmer/webmaster in a programming language.  These instructions that have been converted into machine language that the computer understands are called machine code or executable code.  This code then interacts with your web browser and shows you all the pictures, fonts, links etc that you need to view and navigation a website.  It is deep within this maze of seemingly mindless letters and numbers that some interesting words are popping up for the experience code readers among us.  So what are they?


Two names within coding have appeared since the website was updated with the dates and tickets a few weeks ago.  Prior to this update these two names were not present.  Jack is the first and he is hidden on a deeplink.


The second is Texas.  We also compared the additions with the website from last year before it was taken down at the end of the event and where Jack is right now was Chance.  And where Texas is was ChainSaw.

So from this we can deduce that this placeholder within the text should be where the icon and a house’s place go when the full website goes live or when a coming update goes live.  So from this we can then comment on whether we think this is a possible leak or just a Universal Webmaster trying to mess with us fans.


There is a movie coming out this year named Leatherface and is a prequel to the original series of movies.  And although no release date has been set, production has wrapped and it is due in theaters very soon.  Could they be waiting to announce the movie with a tie-in to HHN27? Chain Saw was actually the first house to be announced for HHN26 way back in April 2016 – so it would fit.

But what doesn’t fit is Jack.  We all love him.  We all adore him and the actors that play him.  But can we seriously believe that the maniacal clown could be back so soon for HHN?  I’m not so sure.

Then there’s Universal’s web team.  The team that produces the websites for Universal have in past years toyed with us fans by releasing sometimes innocent words into the coding to make us all run off on an tangent or put fake code names into the site to fox us all.  That said, I remember this happening more than 10 years ago and any members of said team could have changed over the years not knowing what their predecessors did.

Another thought: Isn’t there a ‘Jack’ in the Shining…?

So are they secretly trolling us or is this a major leak?  Let us know in the comments!