Will The Walking Dead Be Back for HHN27?

Love or loath The Walking Dead at Universal Orlando’s HHN it has been with us for the last 5 years as houses, scarezones, roaming scarezones and mini street shows.  But is that about to change?

We reported back in August 2016 that American Horror Story would be the new The Walking Dead.  This was months before anyone knew that AHS was coming to HHN26 let alone HHN27, as confirmed yesterday.

The original contract with AMC was noted in many sources online as being a 5 year term contract with the possibility of extension.  The fifth and technically final year of the contract was 2016.  This final house was ironic in as much as the fact that the HHN fans had pretty much had enough of the franchise at the event but the house at HHN26 was actually one of the best they had ever done.  This left many people in a quandary as to whether they wanted it back or not.

Universal initially pitched the houses as a means of advertising the TV show and drawing in the masses to market the event outside of the AMC remit.  Whilst this endeavour of acting as a mass marketing tool worked to a degree, fans all bemoaned the fact that despite the houses acting as presentations against each season the houses themselves did not feature ANY of the characters from these seasons.  The lack of characters worked against the storylines of the houses and just let them become empty in areas and needing more scares.

Some love the TWD at HHN and others don’t.  The TV show on the other hand has been very successful and regularly pulls in big audience numbers.  So it will be interesting to see that as the show is still relatively still popular whether Universal pushes the button and brings it back for one more stint.  Surely only time will tell, after all, they do have 8 big shoes to fill…

Would you like the walkers of TWD to be back for HHN27?  Let us know in the comments!