HHN 2017 Hollywood (4/14) Q&A Info

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen my name is Justyn Schwoegler and this is probably the first you have ever heard from me on HHNU. John Murdy on April 14th, 2017 the Creative Director for Hollywood did a Q&A for Fans. There will be some info for Orlando fans so stick around! And so I have attached some of those Questions and Answers to explain them. Enjoy!

This is referring to the Actual first Maze Announcement which hasn’t been made yet.  It is saying that we will probably get the first Maze announcement next month. Which if Orlando wanted to make a exclusive announcement during that time they could.

In the recent Hollywood Leaked Lineup it is stated that Insidious would be returning and would go into the JP (Jurassic Park Queue) once again. Well Murdy confirmed a while back that “The Big Chill” will be in the JP Queue. Meaning that Insidious could once again be shared with Orlando this year.

Hmm… The Shining?

So all Original Scare Zones for Hollywood this year! No more Purge!

So the Codename “Writer’s Block” was thought to be The Shining but the connection with that is dead now that Murdy has said that the connection is through the photo with Keyboard. The Keyboard has 3 Letters missing H, M, and N. It could go to the band Neutral Milk Lemonade or it could be MN for Minnesota referring to a Person from the film who was born in Minnesota (Similar to last year’s Wisconsin Codename) or NM for New Mexico.

Hmm… A couple of Properties go up in my Mind: The Shining, IT, Salem’s Lot, Evil Dead 2, or The Thing? I would probably go with The Shining or Evil Dead 2.

So the biggest news is that Codename 1 for Hollywood is actually American Horror Story. There has been a lot of confusion about the Community recently about AHS and Hollywood but let me explain… Orlando announced American Horror Story on March 29th, 2017 but Hollywood didn’t. In one of the Press Releases there was a leak where it said that Hollywood would also have AHS. Then fast forward to Monsterpalooza Murdy announced AHS to return but didn’t announce any details regarding the seasons. He stated there would be an official announcement with all the details later and it won’t be the first official maze announcement as Lemonade has been confirmed to be AHS.

In the leaked Lineup Hollywood was said to be having One Season being Roanoke and Orlando having 3 seasons… Asylum, Coven, and Roanoke. Lemonade was stated to have a rewrite on the Maze for a large portion. Could that rewrite be Murdy trying to change the Maze from 3 Seasons to being Roanoke Only? He stated the rewrite would be better connected with the Codename and Property and the connection is that Roanoke was dropped like Lemonade without any advance PR on what it was gonna be. But I guess we will find out.


But that was all the info for the Q&A! Thank you for reading and make sure to check out everything else we do! This is Justyn Schwoegler signing off.

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