Why “The Shining” Could Be Coming to HHN

“However vast the darkness, we must supply our own light.” – Stanley Kubrick

Every single year at HHN there has always been some kind of Maze based on an Iconic Horror Film that usually ends up being one of people’s favorites (“An American Werewolf in London”, “Halloween”, “The Exorcist”, Etc) and this year’s could very well be the Grand Daddy of all Horror Films… “The Shining”


First off I must confess that “The Shining” may just be my Favorite Horror Movie of all time and it’s an incredible Movie that is influential and is just as big as “The Exorcist”. It’s one of the most iconic Horror Movies of all Time and it has even been hinted at in last year’s Orlando event.

~ AHS in the Hotel Section had a Carpet that look extremely similar to “The Shining”.

~ “Dead Man’s Warf” had the Soundtrack of “The Shining” playing at certain times. (It starts at 1:22-1:23)

But why this year? Well there has been more Buzz about “The Shining” coming to this Year’s Event more than any other Property (Plus it was on the leaked Hollywood Lineup). It’s very much something Universal could have gotten for the fact that they have worked very well with Warner Bros recently (“Wizarding World of Harry Potter” and “The Exorcist” Maze last year) that they could have worked something out to get the rights to Stanley Kubrick’s Classic. There has even been a few tweets hinting at it…


I called this “Carny” in my “HHN 2017 Hollywood (4/14) Q&A Info” Blog Post as it was. Murdy usually doesn’t talk or acknowledge tweets about Properties coming to the Event as much as if they aren’t where as here he didn’t confirm nor deny it coming to the Event. In other recent tweets…

In this tweet Murdy gets all types of responses and he ignores all of the tweets about Jack Nicholson for “The Shining” or Shelly Duvall. He answers all the other ones but he ignores everything relating to “The Shining”. Hint? Hint!

There is also this where someone could argue against Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining”. However people are forgetting that Stephen King hated Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining” so he may just let John and Mike use it where as using the new “IT” Remake which he said he loved.


Look at this tweet and tell it isn’t a nod to this scene…

There is also the Hollywood Codenames and Orlando Codenames in which I have connections for 3 of the Codenames for Hollywood and 1 for Orlando.

Hollywood Codenames:

1. “Charles”:


– Tricker than “The Exorcist”
– Has an Iconic Scene that is Instantly associated with the Property and took Murdy a while to figure out
– The Codename has to do with a Character
– “the other relates to property but is personal too”
– Murdy is excited about this Maze as he thought he never would do it
“Everything Old is New Again”
“Yes I named this maze after a friend of mine who shares a name…and other connections”
– “Shhh…”
– Treatment is 71 Pages Long

I stated this connection in my “What is “Charles”? “ Blog Post last week but I will repeat it… The Whole Connection I have is this… The Quote “Everything Old is New Again” when you look it up has been quoted by Stephen King in The Colorado Kid but I beg to differ. The Song “Everything Old is New Again” has the lyrics “Let’s go backwards when forward fails” which could refer the theory about certain parts of Stanley’s film showing new details when playing the film backwards and forwards. The Show Brockmire has a Character named John Elton played by Ryan Lee and one of the main characters is Charles played by Tyrel Jackson Williams which if you switch the name John Elton around with the whole Backwards thing you get Elton John which shares one of John’s names. Elton John has been mentioned before for something Alice Cooper related and Elton John has actually written a song called “Shine on Through”. It’s personal in the film that Danny has the power to Shine.

2. “Writer’s Block”:


– Murdy went through 20,000 Pictures for this Maze
– Has to do with Writer’s Block
– The Letters “M” and “N” have to do with the Property
– “It doesn’t specifically have to do with writer’s block…more the keyboard in the pic”
– Treatment is 121 Pages Long

So the connection is the Photo Murdy tweeted with the Codename. The letters in the Photo missing are “MN” in which it could mean Minnesota (Similar to last year’s “Wisconsin” Codename. Murdy actually really loves to have Baseball in his Codenames. The Minnesota Baseball Team is called “The Twins”. Plus in the film Jack Torrence is trying to write a book but has Writer’s Block.

3. “The Big Chill”: 


– Murdy stated that the place he was traveling to (Ireland, UK) would influence things for this Maze
– Took Murdy two hours to get through 12 minutes of Viewing
– “Back at it tomorrow…more extremely slow horror video watching awaits. Probably won’t get into actually designing this maze till midweek”
– Murdy is excited to bring it to HHN
– Is Scarier than “The Exorcist”
– Had a minor tweak recently.
– Murdy gets shivers after watching this movie
– The hint is in a song from the Soundtrack “The Big Chill”
– Will be shared with Orlando
– Treatment is 62 Pages Long

The Connection is that the song is called “I Heard It Through The Grapevine” which the word “Grapevine” means indirect communication aka Gossip or Rumors. “The Shining” has Gossip and Rumor Spreading specifically in what is going in the film being that false evidence is being spread. The film in of itself (In my eyes) is scary. This however is a far stretched connection.

Orlando Codename:

1. “Checkmate”:


I stated this also last time in my “What is “Charles”? “ Blog Post but “Charles” is the name of the future King which was brought up a while back by the wonderful Dr. Jimmy. When you finish chess you have checkmate which is to take out the King. The idea that the Hollywood Codename “Charles” and the Orlando Codename “Checkmate” are Connected as they are both “The Shining” which would be very clever.

Enough with the Codenames but How would “The Shining” be done? It’s a pretty tricky film but has some scenes that are iconic that I imagine Orlando and Hollywood would want to do. But here’s some of those Scenes that I imagine they would want to do.

  • The Twin Girls Scene
  • The Images Danny gets when Shining Scene
  • The Hedge Maze Scene
  • The Elevator Door Scene
  • Room 237 Bathroom Scene
  • All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy Scene
  • The Bear Suit Scene
  • Here’s Johnny Scene

Then I imagine everything else would be tricky but I believe that just like “The Exorcist” for Hollywood and Orlando both versions would be very different and I’m gonna dive into how I think they will do their versions.

Hollywood Version: Backwards and Forwards Theory –

I stated this also in my Blog Post last time in “What is “Charles”? “ but there is a theory that if you watch certain parts of the film backwards and forwards you can see certain things that you can’t see in the film. It’s something I see Hollywood doing as they did “The Exorcist” and it was much inspired from the Banned Trailer. But I imagine for “The Shining” that they would use images that are backwards and forwards as Scenes. There is a Video that I also mentioned in my last Blog Post but I will restate it. This is how I think Hollywood will do “The Shining”.


Orlando Version: Original Take – 

Similar to how Orlando’s take of “The Exorcist” last year was an Original Take on what could be going on Regan’s Mind. I would see them wanting to do a Original Take on what could be going on Jack’s Mind. And also do Scenes that weren’t in Stanley Kubrick’s film. There is also many other things I could see Orlando doing as Original so they can do “The Shining” as a Maze.


But when can we expect the Announcement?

I have been saying for a while that I believe that “The Shining” could be our First Maze Announcement because it would be huge just like “The Exorcist” as it’s something highly requested and very iconic that would catch people off guard and would be a huge first Maze Announcement. They could announce it randomly or something along the lines of the film…

At 1:26 Jack states that he has agreed to look after the Overlook Hotel until May the 1st. Which means the announcement could be Tuesday May the 2nd as in the film the date of Tuesday is very iconic in “The Shining” which the dates of Tuesday in the Month of May are the 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, and 30th. The Next Maze Announcement for Orlando has been rumored to be before the Volcano Bay Opening which is May 25th. Also May 23rd is the Release Date of “The Shining” the Original Release Date of “The Shining” is May 23rd, 1980. Could be that date as well. I would say Early May like before the 10th or 15th as it has been quiet for some time now.

I do believe that it could be one of the Greatest HHN Maze Announcements of all time.

Midnight with the stars and you…

Do you think “The Shining” is coming to the Event? Tell Us in the Comments!