Evil Dead Coming to HHN27?

As reported in Orlando Weekly today, it appears a rumor is circling pointing to the Evil Dead franchise coming to everyone’s favorite Halloween event.

The blog cites the ever popular Orlando United Forums as the speculative source of the information and while this fan theory could be right it is interesting that the OW would pick this information up in the first place.  The fans of this theory point to how the advert on HHN’s main site using the ‘Stay The Night’ handle and the tree-like monster in the background – though us at HHNU have speculated that this could have some connection to Nathaniel Crowe.

There’s only one way to settle this rampant speculation; Universal we NEED an update!  Surely one MUST be coming this week…. and as Logan of ScareZone our sister podcast always says, “keep your eyes peeled and your ears open!”

Would you be excited for Evil Dead house coming to HHN27 – let us know in the comments!