Shining Announcement Leaked?

HHNU fans have forwarded us today an image that appears to have been attached for all travel agents working to send guests to Universal this Fall.  The leaked email details the usual generic information that is widely known by fans of the event, with the exception of a section at the bottom that details one of the houses to be appear at HHN27 this year – that house is the long rumored, The Shining.

First rumored here at HHNU back in January of this year, we have championed this rumor ever since.  Here is the leaked email:


If true, this house would build on a fantastic partnership that Universal has enjoyed with Warner Bros from boy wizards to a possessed Regan, the future of HHN certainly looks bright!  If true, this email that has gone out today will surely mean that The Shining is primed for an announcement this week.

Is this leak legit or a fake – let us know your thoughts in the comments!