Is This Show Coming To HHN27?

Last year’s HHN26 was quite fantastic. It brought new Properties like The Exorcist, Krampus, and American Horror Story along with Halloween, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and The Walking Dead. It also brought 3 Originals to the Table being the Return of Ghost Town, a New Original called Tombs of the Ancient, and a Icon Maze around Chance called Lunatics Playground. Making all together 9 Mazes. It also brought 5 hyper detailed Scarezones and our first upcharge maze making 10 Mazes being The Repository VR Experience. Finally it brought 2 Shows being the usual Bill and Ted and a Brand New Show called Academy of Villains. The Show similar to Hollywood’s Jabbawockeez (But not really) focuses on a group of dancers performing in a high energy 30 Minute Show.

The Show from what I have seen received incredible reviews as people ate it up. It was unbelievable. Recently Phoenix the Director and Choreographer for Academy of Villains tweeted this out…

This is actually pretty exciting news for Orlando! I’m a Hollywood Person but just viewing it on Youtube looked incredible. Hopefully they do a different theme! But is Academy of Villains coming back? Well probably. There was a lot of positive feedback from last year’s show and it just ate up crowds.

We also know that the vastly popular ScareZone Podcast also reached out to AOV but did not get a response, other than that they would appear on the show but would not comment on possible up coming appearances. So there you have it, here’s to Academy of Villains possibly returning!


What did you think of Academy of Villains last year? Do you think or want Academy of Villains to return this year? Tell us in the Comments!