Is This Show Returning to HHN Hollywood?

For a very long time in Hollywood we had what was known as the King of Horror comedy shows at theme parks known as Bill and Ted. It was canceled in 2013 mid-way through the event due to issues that we will not discuss. In 2014 we saw 7 Mazes, 4 Scare Zones, and 1 Terror Tram but no Show. In 2015 we saw 4 Returning Properties being The Walking Dead, Insidious, Halloween, and Alien Vs Predator. We also saw 2 New Properties being Crimson Peak and This Is The End. We saw 4 Scare Zones that year and an all New Purge Terror Tram. But… that year we also saw the addition of a Brand New Show Known as Jabbawockeez.

For those unaware the Jabbawockeez is a Las Vegas Dance Group who in 2015 appeared at Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood. As someone who did see the Show I actually enjoyed it but I can’t say the same for some people in the HHN Community. It did actually face a lot of Positive Support and drew massive amounts of Crowds to the Show. On the whole it was super well liked and quite popular. In 2016 they brought Jabbawockeez back with New Songs, a Plot, Some Horror Themes, and Comedy. I actually say the Show improved greatly in 2016 and in my opinion it was pretty fantastic. Jabbawockeez works well at HHN Hollywood as 30 Minute Show.

As I was scanning through the Hollywood site last night I noticed on the Universal Website for Copyright and Trademark that it had just been updated to include this…


Yep, so it begs the question “Is Jabbawockeez Returning to HHN Hollywood?”. Probably. As I stated above the Show was very well liked and very popular so there’s a very good chance that the Jabbawockeez will be returning to HHN Hollywood.


So there you have it, here’s to Jabbawockeez possibly returning to HHN Hollywood!

Did you attend Jabbawockeez in 2015 or last year? Do you want or think Jabbawockeez will return to HHN Hollywood? Tell us in the Comments!