Rumor: Could this be one of the shows/scarezones for HHN27?

Overall for this year for HHN Speculation for Scarezones and shows has been pretty quiet. We have received much about the Mazes but haven’t received anything from our Sources about the scarezones or shows, that is, until now…

The hint that we received about one of the Scarezones was…

“A Highly Sought After IP that already exists in the park will appear during HHN”

Earlier this year someone from HorrorNightNightmares described that one of the Scarezones as being…

“Uncharted Waters”

(Which he stated didn’t have to do with Volcano Bay or any thing water related but had to do with something not done by Orlando)

But what’s a Property that exists during the Day that is something that is very wanted for HHN? Well… Oh wait! What about The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!?


Now The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is something that has pretty much exploded at Orlando and is very popular but there’s something that Harry Potter has that is very wanted for HHN and that is… the DeathEaters


Now for those unaware you may be asking: What’s a DeathEater?

Deatheater is follower of the group led by Lord Voldemort.  The group actually of consisted wizards and witches who were radical pure blood supremacists, who practised the Dark Arts with no regards holding them back. They wear Black Hoods and Masks to hide their identify. They often kill their enemies and look actually quite scary. They are also afflitated with Snatchers, Werewolves, and Dementors. Dementors are dark creatures who suck the soul out of something.

Now with all of that it would make a pretty great scarezone or show! And that’s why a lot of people want it as it would be very interesting and cool.

Not only that but Universal Japan has their own Deatheaters show at their HHN and it was very popular last year!



What do you think? Do you think DeathEaters will be a scarezone or show at HHN27? Let us know in the Comments!