Rumor: Icons for HHN27 Leaked?

Over the past two days everyone has been speculating more than ever on the icon for HHN27. Most are speculating because of the photo on the Website that looks like this…


Some have been speculating that the text is a throwback to The Caretaker’s quote from 2002 being “Your time has come”. Others have been saying Voodoo Queen, La llorona, or Lady Death from HHN Singapore last year.

The Voodoo Queen:


It’s been pretty wild in speculation recently however the most recent tweet from Dead Man’s Digest had gotten a email and the subject line of the email was “Make the Ultimate Sacrifice”.

Now to add on we did a Blog Post last week on a Bayou of Blood Maze with The Voodoo Queen. The Voodoo Queen was originally suppose to be the icon for HHN24 but was removed for uncertain reasons but had a Scarezone called Bayou of Blood which was her Scarezone. Also her Maze holds the record of being planned and cancelled more than any other house – a fact that Chris Ripley found in his research for his new HHN Book.

The Caretaker:

Not only that but on June 8th, 2017 (Aka Yesterday) Brice who played The Caretaker in 2002 was spotted at Universal HQ in the Morning.


The Quote would connect with the Website more if he was coming to HHN27 and he is a incredibly popular icon. Also we have heard similar things from Sources about The Caretaker returning to HHN27.

Here’s also this weird gif that Universal keep sharing themselves:

Which kinda looks like the actor who played The Director!?

Hopefully we have two icons this year and the announcement coming soon!

What do you think about the leaks? Do you think they are legit?

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