Thank You Everyone for HHN 27!

I think I speak for the entire HHNU team when I say that HHN 27 was another amazing year to be an HHN Maniac! With the Bill and Ted show cast and crew working so incredibly hard to bring the legendary show of 26 years to a close with an absolute bang. I think it comes as a sad fact to all of us that Bill and Ted have always had a special place in our HHN loving hearts and to see the HHN 28 lineup without it is just gonna be a real tough image to handle. But we don’t look at this day with sadness, we look at it and know how thankful we are for another colossal event that everyone at Universal Studios worked to put together. We all tend to take HHN for granted but being one of the largest and most award-winning haunts in the world does not come easy and handling several hundred thousand guests throughout each season is not a simple undertaking.


This years scareactors had to deal with larger crowds than ever before and with that comes all new stresses and rules. But even under the pressure of working the greatest horror event in the country, they have shown time and time again that they know how to deliver through and through.22770045_10214330949057093_2414192288438043201_o

The Creative Team always deserves a shoutout for their incredible work in bringing these amazing IPs and original ideas to life under such extreme pressures. The teams of Mike Aiello and John Murdy always create such beautiful scenes and scares in their haunts year after year. There are no thanks great enough that we can extend to them for all that they do for us. 23120099_10214433893430638_211058509075190568_o

Another massive thank you goes out to all of those HHN and Universal employees who work behind the scenes of the event. There are literally thousands of employees that help HHN run from night to night and it would take me forever to name each department individually but to everyone who works in the parks during the event I personally want to thank you. I have worked in a theme park for 6 years now and I know how hellish it can be on capacity days. But you know it all worthwhile when you see the looks on those guests faces when they see the magic of HHN come to life. 22555487_10214334623148943_3929644421621897143_o

My final special thank you goes to the men and women of, not only the security team who keep us all safe during the event, but also the men and women of law enforcement who work late nights in the parks to ensure that security has the tools they need to keep us all safe and happy during the event.

We at the HHNU team would like to thank everyone on the Universal team for making HHN 2017 such an incredible event. Every scare, every blast of fire, every laugh, and every drop of blood was truly incredible to experience. See ya for Grinchmas!

All of the photos in this article were taken by Mark Walter, who has always taken amazing photographs of Universal Orlando and surrounding areas.