Is Stranger Things Coming to HHN/USF?

Stranger Things Season 2 recently debuted on Netflix at the end of October.  Fans had been awaiting this release since the hit series premiered over a year ago.  Fans have also speculated that the series would be a perfect fit for HHN but no announcement on this has ever been forth coming.  And as a break with company protocol, Universal released the following weird tweet…

Quickly, the tweet was shared and discussed across internet forums and Facebook groups as to why Universal were promoting this series’ return to Netflix.  As far as we are aware, Universal as a company has no links to Netflix or it’s subsidiaries and Universal has never been one for promoting TV Shows that aren’t apart of it’s NBC wider family.  To make things even stranger (sorry!) Universal receieved scores of comments from expectant fans and a few corporate pals with Universal responding to one with:

So what’s going on?  Is Stranger Things coming to say HHN28 or perhaps as an attraction at USF?  What is compounding matters right now is that our pal the ‘mystical’ Ifrit is doing a weird countdown that ends either today or tomorrow (depending on when zero is) a countdown that started with the number 11 on 31st October – which is also a possible reference again to Stranger Things and their main character Eleven?

Right now the quiet War of Central Florida Theme Parks is raging with Disney finally committing to spending millions updating and adding to DHS and Epcot (plus hotels and infrastructure improvements), while up the I4 Universal has made big announcements (though more to come), has closed attractions and bought lots of acres nearby for future growth.

It was also worth noting that during HHN27, the near whole of KidZone was under used for crowd control as though the whole area was primed and set for an immediate construction closure. Fast and Furious opens next year, Mario is coming down the pipe (sorry again!) and what then other than just new hotels?  Could our beloved Netflix show be the next big franchise that Universal sets it’s sights on?  Maybe just maybe we might find out today/tomorrow…

Let us know in the comments whether you’d love to see a Stranger Things Maze or full-time attraction at Univeral Orlando?  Or are Universal just trolling us all?  Let us know your thoughts!  HHN28 will be here quicker than you think!