Did Universal just accidentally announced two houses for HHN28 today?

Over the weekend we all saw the furore that was caused by a certain local Orlando hotel chain accidentally releasing images containing, so far, unannounced houses for HHN28.  But did Universal just also accidentally announce these two houses by themselves?

Well possible, take the below screen-capture taken from the official website today.  Literally, no one ever reads the site’s T’s and C’s, but we should!  Take a look…


Orion, copyrighted for 1988; Orion was purchased by MGM but it did not release Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers, but this movie was released in that same year.

Likewise, Poltergeist a 1982 film was made by MGM.  And there’s Legendary for 2018, could this be for Trick ‘r Treat or something else unknown?


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Thank you to our webmaster for the heads up!