Why JAWS Could Be An Excellent House For HHN29…

Everybody loves JAWS, period.  It has to be one of those absolutely perfect movies that doesn’t matter how old you are or where you come from, you all universally love it (pun intended!).  From people tweeting Universal daily for a new JAWS ride (yes that happens and there’s even a dedicated Twitter account for it too), to people reminiscing on the old ride and how with all the new land Universal is currently developing they could build a new one.


Indeed we can thank the original JAWS ride for bringing HHN to Orlando, as if it wasn’t for this amazing attraction breaking-down and subsequently having to be rebuilt we might not have ever gotten HHN!  Read more about that story here.

And everyone’s favorite popular culture merchandiser Funko have even announced today that they are developing a range of JAWS figures; so there’s a ready made merchandise line ready to go!

So that’s why we NEED a JAWS house at HHN.  It would be killer to step into the scenes from the movie using a combination of practical effects and even screens, yes screens can be scary too, as demonstrated by the video below.

And life can even imitate art when a YouTube Urban Explorer recently found more than he bargained for when exploring an old abandoned theme park he came face-to-face with a real giant Great White Shark in a tank!  It was dead and half decomposed but zombie sharks are just as scary!  The original story was reported a few days ago by a number of major outlets and can be read here.  Another view of the tank is below, but note due to vandals, Zombie JAWS has now been destroyed.


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So there you have it.  Universal needs to dust-off all the props from their old ride and redeploy them into making a new kick-ass JAWS house.  If they can make an elevator bleed waves of blood for The Shining or have a possessed doll walk like a backwards crab down a flight of stairs for The Exorcist then they can definitely find a way to make this house happen!

Do you agree with this?  Would you love to see a JAWS house?  Let us know in the comments!