Rumor: HHN Trivia App to be Extended

Released last year to HHN was a great addition to the official Universal Orlando mobile app called ‘Terror Trivia‘.  Those that didn’t play it while waiting in the ‘conga’ lines of HHN28, it involved competing HHN fans the chance to test their HHN knowledge against other fans (btw: if you want to bone up for HHN29 we can recommend a really good book!).

The game contained 11 horror-packed levels where trivia surrounding the 10 haunted houses was used to enable each guest to compete, followed by a bonus ‘History Rewind’ level reserved entirely for the die-hard Halloween Horror Nights fans amongst us. This final level would quiz guests on previous event years, including past houses, HHN icons scarezones and so much more.

Apparently, the game was a resounding success and proved to be a popular past-time for HHN fans waiting in line.  Sadly, the HHN section is no more (obvs) but you can still download it now ready for this year here.  But it’s not just Orlando that got in on the fun, the Hollywood edition of the Universal app also participated.

And Universal Hollywood are currently working on their next installment:


So the rumor:

We heard from a couple of our sources that Universal have wanted to expand the reach of the app and apparently have looked into developing a stand-alone version dedicated to just HHN.  Supposedly, they would like an app that can be used to market the event, talk to fans and to better interact with the community for much longer than just the length of each HHN.

And whilst this is a cool and a great idea, we were also forwarded this snippit from the US Trademark office that shows that Universal have applied for a stand-alone trademark for this app’s feature.  The application was made only last month and holds some water as to the possible expansion of this app.


So there you have it. What we know to be FACT and what we know to be just RUMOR. And remember these rumors are just that, rumors! And nothing is official until Universal confirms it!

Did you use the app and did you like it?  What more could they do to improve it?  Let us know in the comments!