HHN30 is on!

News came this week that HHN30 is still in production and is still being planned for this fall.  The only change currently is that production members are now remotely working from home and producing the horrah from their own homes!  Everything else is full steam ahead!

HHN’s own Patrick Braillard confirmed to fans this week that they are still planning on hosting HHN30 and that no higher-up at Universal has said otherwise.

A few social media trolls had been spreading fake whispers that Universal had cancelled HHN30 due to the Covid-19 Pandemic that is sweeping the world currently, though these reports have now been confirmed as garbage.

So for now, we can confirm that the event is planned to proceed and should you require tickets or want to take advantage of special HHN packages you should click here.

Afterall, if 9/11 and past economic recessions/crashes can’t stop HHN – nothing will!

So there you have it, the horrah will continue this fall!  Have you purchased your tickets yet?  Let us know in the comments!