HHNU’s Virtual Pub Quiz

Welcome to the first ever HHNU Virtual Pub Quiz!

As many of us are on lockdown and have time to fill on our hands, we thought it would be great to get those grey-cells working and devise a devilish Pub Quiz for you all to take part in!

Rules for the Pub Quiz:

  • It is free to enter, you just need to email us your answers.
  • The top prize is a goodie bag which will contain a number of items but will also include a signed HHN book by Christopher Ripley (which you can personalize).
  • All answers are marked by the HHNU Team with Chris being the final judge on all answers.
  • If more than one person or team get 100% of the questions correct, they will be emailed a secret tie break question!
  • No purchase is necessary as this is a free event, you can live wherever you like and if you’re under 18 you must have your parents or guardians permission to enter.
  •  You can work in teams or individually, though you cannot submit your questions more than once!
  • A bonus point will be issued for the team with the best HHN inspired name!
  • You can use the internet or any resource appropriate (such as Chris’ books), but no heating as this is just for fun!
  • Quiz closes 24 hours from this post, all answers after this date will be voided.
  • The judge’s decision is final.
  • No cheating!
  • If more than 10 teams/individuals score 100% then the winner will be the team with the best name!
  • The judges’ decisions are final.
  • You need to email your answers and team name to:


You have 24 hours from this post, your time starts now….

The Questions:
1.    Who was technically the first icon of HHN to appear in the marketing of HHN?
2.    At HHN14, how many hurricanes would thump Central Florida before Field of Screams was destroyed?
3.    Which movie that spawned a horror franchise was made from an idea at HHN?
4.    Which social media star portrayed Bloody Mary in the commercials of HHN18?
5.    Which kid’s TV show had a promotion tie-in to HHN for one year, but never featured a house at the event?  It would in-fact have a temporary attraction at Disney World a year later…
6.    What was the name of the ‘extreme house’ that was designed but never built?  It included being locked in a coffin!
7.    What is the name of the travelling carnival that Jack the Clown originally appeared with?
8.    Which HHN year did the little remembered Alfred Hitchcock lagoon mini-show debut?
9.    Which male character would often appear alongside ‘The Rat Lady’ with his own body covered in a different type of crawling critters?
10.  How many HHN events are held around the world? Including locations that no longer present them.  You must list the locations.
11.  Which icon was planned for the 2001 event but was replaced at the last minute?
12.  How many years was HHN held between both the Studios and the Islands parks?
13.  Which house was rumored to have actual props from the Jurassic Park franchise contained within it?