The Time The Simpsons Visited Halloween Horror Night

The Simpsons have justed about lampooned and parodied everyone and everything by this point, from a country like Australia to the latest Bond movie, everyone has been fair game for the longest-running animated sit-com.

But did you know back in 2015, The Simpsons visited Halloween Horror Night, that’s Night, and not plural!  Yes, the dear old Simpsons parodied our very favorite Halloween event with hilarious consequences.  So unless you wanna boot up Disney+ (does everyone else think it’s weird The Simpsons is now a Disney property?), we are gonna deep-dive into what is our favorite episode…

(c) Disney / 20th Century Studios

Set in Krustyland, the episode took aim at theme parks who present Halloween events, albeit with great humor.

Zombie scareactors (c) Disney / 20th Century Studios

The episode follows the Simpson family, who decorates their house as “Everscream Terrors”. Homer goes to a Halloween store (akin to a Spirit store) and talks to Apu, the store’s owner, about three workers, who are promptly fired and plan vengeance against him. After an unsettling experience at the Krustyland Halloween Horror Night, Lisa develops a fear of Halloween. Marge convinces Homer to take down Everscream Terrors, but he refuses. Marge then takes Bart and Maggie trick or treating, but everybody is asleep, making Bart upset.  Meanwhile, the three fired shopworkers take their revenge against Homer.  It is also the only Halloween-themed episode of The Simpsons that is not part of the show’s Treehouse of Horror series.

“Leatherface” makes an appearance (c) Disney / 20th Century Studios

HHN conventions seen:

  • Set decorations
  • Gory setpieces
  • Speciality foods
  • Chainsaw Drill Team
  • Dance groups
  • Attractions
  • Special Halloween drinks
Speciality food items were offered (c) Disney / 20th Century Studios
Alien? (c) Disney / 20th Century Studios
(c) Disney / 20th Century Studios

Even the oldest attraction in the theme park was fair game for the comedy…

(c) Disney / 20th Century Studios

The dance shows were also parodied where a version of Rocky Horror’s Time Warp was presented (The Rocky Horror Picture Show has been at HHN about 7 times now!).

(c) Disney / 20th Century Studios
(c) Disney / 20th Century Studios


The episode is really fun and light-hearted, HHN fans you should definitely search it out, especially if you are really missing your dose of HHN this year!

Let us know in the comments if you like this episode!  And whether you think The Simpsons should come to HHN!

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