Clues Clues Clues

Hello everybody, I know its been a rather long time since you’ve heard from me but the seemingly endless lull in haunt season is over and we have RUMORS!!!! It's around this time every year that we start to watch both the HHN Hollywood and the HHN Orlando Twitter feed to see what clues they … Continue reading Clues Clues Clues

A Sincere Thank You From the HHNU Team

Well after months of speculation, teasing, and finally getting to live the event, Halloween Horror Nights 26 has come and gone. This year brought us unbelievable experiences, incredible houses, some of the most immersive and entertaining scare-zones, and of course more cherished memories of HHN passed. I wanted to write this post as a thank … Continue reading A Sincere Thank You From the HHNU Team

UPDATE: Penn & Teller, plus other clues…

Editor's note:  We've had two tip-offs from two of our blog readers (who have wished to remain anonymous) who have confirmed it is not just Mike who has been making trips to Vegas this year.  Several other A&D members and Universal Orlando executives have also been making the rounds in Sin City since January.  So … Continue reading UPDATE: Penn & Teller, plus other clues…

What we know so far for HHN26…

There has been literally hundreds of rumors and speculations this year.  So to cut through the fact and fiction, we thought we’d update you all on what we know for sure and what we 99% know for sure, so here goes… We know when #HHN26 will happen… The event will run on select nights from … Continue reading What we know so far for HHN26…

“Cobweb” = The Conjuring !?

So recently the above picture was released by HHN Orlando’s Twitter page with the codename of “Cobweb”. Many HHN fans are currently speculating as to what “Cobweb” may mean, so here’s what we found… Depending on your level of attentiveness, you might have noticed the presence of a particular strong connotation in horror books and movies: … Continue reading “Cobweb” = The Conjuring !?

My Wish List: Crimson Peak

Daniel Ryan here, what with all the rumors lately, I wanted to tell you all about my number one wish for HHN Orlando, and this is not a rumor!  Just a fanboy wish unfortunately.... Rumors have swirled lately about a number of different houses coming to HHN Orlando.  I however, would love it if they … Continue reading My Wish List: Crimson Peak

Confirmed Rumor: The Walking Dead is Coming to Hollywood

As rumoured previously, a year-round The Walking Dead attraction is coming to Universal Studios Hollywood, to open this summer! Nothing beats a truly scary all-year-round maze, and Universal studios is trying to take proper advantage of this by creating a top notch walk-through maze that would blow the minds of visitors. One of the most popular … Continue reading Confirmed Rumor: The Walking Dead is Coming to Hollywood

Gone Ghostface?

Hi, I'm Dan one of the new staff writers for HHNUnofficial.  I wanted to start off my new role by talking about a very contentious issue: the 'Scream' franchise and there lack of for last year.  The following report is my a mixture of hearsay, speculation, my own research and opinion.  So disclaimer out the way, … Continue reading Gone Ghostface?

Halloween Horror Nights Presents… Alfred Hitchcock??

There are a number of rumors swirling that this year we may get an Alfred Hitchcock maze at Halloween Horror Nights Orlando; this said, we thought we’d take a look at what elements from his back catalogue (and future productions!) could be used to fill any potential HHN houses… The ‘Psycho’ Franchise Hitchcock literally gave … Continue reading Halloween Horror Nights Presents… Alfred Hitchcock??