What is “Charles”?

The Second Codename codenamed at Hollywood was”Charles” and it is one of the Most Complex Codenames I think I have ever seen. A lot of the codenames this year don’t have hints but even this one has some hints compared to others and it’s incredibly difficult to solve. But let’s look into what this hints that we’ve received so far….

– Tricker than “The Exorcist”
– Has a Iconic Scene that is Instantly associated with the Property and took Murdy a while to figure out
– The Codename could possibly have to do with a Character
– “The other relates to property but is personal too”
– Murdy is excited about this Maze as he thought he never would do it
– “Everything Old is New Again”
– “Yes I named this maze after a friend of mine who shares a name…and other connections”
– “Shhh…”
– Treatment is 71 Pages Long

Those are the hints but what do they lead to? Well after a lot of research I have come to the fact that it could be one of two Properties. Let’s start with the first Property.


There has been a lot of talk about “The Shining” this year through rumors and through most people thinking that it will happen (It was also apart of the Hollywood Leaked Lineup). I personally think it’s more than just that Charles Grady is a character in The Shining so that means Charles is confirmed to be The Shining but it could be a much deeper connection. The Tricky Scene to pull off could be the Elevator Blood Scene which would be pretty hard to pull off. It is also very iconic and very associated with the film. The “Shhh…” could stand for “Shining”.

The Whole Connection I have is this… The Quote “Everything Old is New Again” when you look it up has been quoted by Stephen King in The Colorado Kid but I beg to differ. The Song “Everything Old is New Again” has the lyrics “Let’s go backwards when forward fails” which could refer the theory about certain parts of Stanley’s film showing new details when playing the film backwards and forwards. The Show Brockmire has a Character named John Elton played by Ryan Lee and one of the main characters is Charles played by Tyrel Jackson Williams which if you switch the name John Elton around with the whole Backwards thing you get Elton John which shares one of John’s names. Elton John has been mentioned before for something Alice Cooper related and Elton John has actually written a song called “Shine on Through”. It’s personal in the film that Danny has the power to Shine. It would be very hard to pull off as while “The Exorcist” only has the Scary Scenes taking place in the Bedroom being only one Scene. “The Shining”s environments are huge and massive to pull off. This is how the Maze could be done…

Enough with that. The other Property could be…


Might be something that may shock some of you but this is something that has been bugging me as of late. This something that was mentioned last year at Scarela that it was something Murdy wanted to do after “The Exorcist” along with “The Thing”. There is a tweet that is absolutely random that it could be a very subtle way of Murdy telling us it’s Evil Dead.

Now the tricky scene is that “Evil Dead 2” has the Deer Scene which could be very tricky to pull off and it’s very iconic. This tweet is very random in that why did Murdy change the topic during talking about Charles to talking about Evil Dead 2. It could also very much be a troll that Murdy is trying to pull off. But look also at this the first Codename of Orlando was Checkmate that 3 Checks it takes to win Chess and that the Maze first announced was “American Horror Story” which includes 3 Seasons being Asylum, Coven, and Roanoke. The First Codename for Hollywood was “Lemonade” and it was recently confirmed to be “American Horror Story”. The Second Codename for Orlando was “BRAINS” and for Hollywood it was “Charles”. Could it be that the first Codename is both AHS and the Second Codename for bot coasts is “Evil Dead”? There is no connection as of now for it.

Time will tell…

What do you think Charles is? Tell us in the Comments!