Bruce Campbell at HHN27?

At the very beginning of HHN27 there had been unsubstantiated reports that Bruce Campbell had been lurking during select nights of the event.  No photographic evidence, social media mentions or any formal confirmation from Universal were ever given.

However, could he finally be coming to HHN?

It appears that his book tour has a date for Orlando being tonight at the Coliseum of Comics at the Fashion Square Mall, so what else could an evil busting hero such as Campbell do tomorrow – say go to HHN?  Here’s hoping.

So, if you’re heading to HHN on Friday for the special UOAP events or for the Soul Collectors games – let us know if an actual chainsaw-hand wielding hero is around!  As this would be perfect timing for an appearance…

Placing this entry firming in the ‘theory’ category!  But keep your eyes peeled.

Maze Announcement at SDCC?

Every single year there is always a Special type of Announcement they like to save for a Event or last. It’s usually quite big and the last few years it has been Silent Hill (2012), Evil Dead (2013), The Walking Dead (2014), and Crimson Peak (2015)For those unaware of SDCC let me explain…


SDCC stands for San Diego Comic Con. Which is Comic Con that takes place in San Diego. It’s a place for Movies, TV Shows, Announcements, Reveals, Signings, and of course! Comics.


It has also been a Host for HHN Maze Announcements such as Silent Hill in 2012, Evil Dead in 2013, Promoting The Walking Dead for HHN in 2014, and announcing Crimson Peak exclusively for HHN Hollywood in 2015.

Now there have been rumors circling around One Property that will be at San Diego Comic Con and today I wanted to talk about that property and see if it could be announced at San Diego Comic Con… Let’s go!



Now I’m sure it’s no surprise to you that the Saw Franchise is extremely popular and has been at HHN before in 2009 for Orlando and at Hollywood in 2009 and 2010.


The Maze faced Mixed Receptions over at Orlando in 2009 but at Hollywood it was loved both years it was at the event. It was based on all 7 Films from the Franchise.


It should be no surprise that there will be a New Film coming out October 27th titled Jigsaw. The Plot is…

“Bodies are turning up all around the city, each having met a uniquely gruesome demise. As the investigation proceeds, evidence points to one man: John Kramer. But how can this be? The man known as Jigsaw has been dead for over a decade.”

There will be a Reveal Panel for the Film on Friday July 21st at 5pm-6pm Pst time.

So as the rumors having been circling around the return of Jigsaw at HHN as a Maze it begs the question…

“Will Jigsaw be announced for HHN at San Diego Comic Con?”

Also this was hinted at by The Ifrit so there is a good chance it will be a Maze.

The Maze also had appeared on the Leaked Lineup back in Late March for Hollywood as well. Also Murdy recently tweeted out that he would be back in LA by July 18th.

Could he be returning so that he can attend the Panel on July 21st and announce it? Guess we will find out… But here’s to the return of Jigsaw!


What do you think? Do you think Jigsaw will be announced as a Maze on July 21st at SDCC? Did you experience the Saw Maze in 2009 at Orlando or at Hollywood in 2009 or 2010? If so what did you think of it? What do you think of Saw returning to the event? Let us know in the Comments!

Delicious rumors…

Every year since 2015 we have been seeing a trend where a lineup is leaked with all of the Mazes, Scare Zones, and Shows. Speculation… Ladies and Gentlemen has died. Here at HHNU we always look for new rumors and New things to talk about and this week is no different. We are talking about the Rumored HHN27 Maze List. But first I want to start with the Already Confirmed HHN27 Mazes (Keep in mind we will not be including Locations).

Confirmed Mazes:

American Horror Story:


On March 29th 2017, at around 11am in the morning, we had received the Surpise Maze Announcement of American Horror Story. It will include the Infamous Season 2 Asylum where you will face the patients of Briarcliff Asylum and face the Infamous killer Bloody Face, Season 3 known as Coven where you will be surrounded in New Orleans where Salem Witches has thirst for power, and finally Season 6 Roanoke where you relieve the story of the Millers and face the ghosts of the Blood Moon.

The Shining:

The Shining is Coming to HHN 2017 at USH

On May 19th, 2017, at around 12pm, we had again! Received a Maze Announcement of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. It’s where you have the Shining and the Overlook Hotel is the aggressor where you will see things that you will question as if you were Danny. You will face murderous ghostly entities around every corner and be trying to escape the sharp edge of a Axe.

Pretty exciting! But there hasn’t been a lot of other things said about HHN27 other than this two Mazes. So we are tackling the rest of the lineup with the Heavily Rumored Mazes starting with the Properties IP Based.

Rumored Mazes:


The Walking Dead:


I know that a lot of you don’t want The Walking Dead to return for HHN27 but it’s unfortunately a Staple. It’s Rumored to be Based of Season 7 with all of the Action and Horror but the real reason it’s returning is because of possible problems with…


The Conjuring was heavily rumored to be coming to this year’s event however due to the Lawsuit that Warner Bros. is facing with $900 million dollars over the Series that Orlando pulled it out and is replacing it with The Walking Dead.  Not as bad as Scream but…



I’m sure a lot of you would want to see this return but it’s rumored that Insidous will return for HHN27. In 2015 the Maze appeared with Chapter 1 through 3 and the House was extremely popular and very positively received. Chapter 4 was originally rumored to be released on October 20th, 2017 but was moved to January 5th, 2017. The Maze is rumored to use Scenes from Chapter 3 and promote Chapter 4 (Similar to how Wolfman was done in 2009). It’s possible it could be removed but here’s to Insidous returning.

Evil Dead:


But Rumored for quite a while but this year Evil Dead will be returning to the Event. It is rumored to be named Ash Vs Evil Dead (But won’t use any Scenes from the Show) for Promotional Purposes and will use Scenes from The Evil Dead (Original) and Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn (Mostly). The Maze in 2013 was based off the Remake and was also well received. So exciting!



Yes! Another very popular Horror Series could be returning to HHN and that is Saw. It is rumored to use Scenes from Saw 1-7 and the upcoming Saw: Legacy that will be coming out October 27th, 2017 which is perfect for Promotion! Also the Codename Checkmate could be this Maze as in Chess, Checkmate is when the King is cornered and is about to deleted. Which could be a Fancy Way of saying Game Over. Either way it’s very exciting to see this Series being rumored to return to HHN!

So that’s for the Rumored IP-Based Mazes and now let’s move on to the Rumored Original Mazes!

Original Mazes:

Gothic and Catacombs Crossover:


Been rumored for quite some time now but there are rumors suggesting a Catacombs and Gothic Crossover. For those unaware the Plot for Catacombs from 2010 was:

“During a plague of Paris and Marseilles in 1534, thousands died due to an undisclosed viral outbreak. A group of doctors took it upon themselves to quarantine the most infected citizens of the city. They had no way of knowing that the townspeople would betray them, sealing them into their doom. They have been unable to escape for almost five hundred years. Now that the dead inside have found a way out, they are rising to take their centuries old vengeance on any living being that dares to enter the Catacombs.”

And the Plot for Gothic from 2012 was…

“The Catedral de Caementum Animus is, by day, undergoing a building-wide architectural refurbishment. By night, the many stone gargoyles that keep watchful eye over the sanctuary come to life with the mission of protecting this sacred place against intrusion.”

But it would be following the idea from 2015 of a Crossover (Body Collectors and Psychoscareapy). Not only that but the Cathedral from Gothic could be the Facade for Sprung Tent 2…


Not only that but our friend “The Ifrit” has also been hinting at it…

And one of the posts he was referring to was from “Dan89” on HorrorNightNightmares

“Just had a thought…in the tweet from May 13 they mention “bones” and “stones.” There have been two houses set in Carae: Catacombs and Gothic. Both of these houses were very well-received in there respective years. Could a crossover of these two properties be possible?”

The Chances are very high and it would be exciting to see a Crossover of this two Properties.

Dark Fortunes:


Rumors suggest the next icon could well be…


Yep. We had mentioned her last week in  “Female Icon for HHN27?” and the hint was from one of the HHN Creative Team’s Social Media in their bio saying

“Bringing out the designs to scare you during HHN… then it hush hush dont say a word HHN27 killed the mocking bird.”

Which is similar to a quote by the Caretaker…

“Hush little baby, don’t say a word/ Daddy’s going to buy you a mockingbird/ And if that mockingbird don’t fly/ Daddy says it’s time to DIE!”

For those unaware Cindy is the daughter of the Caretaker and the tweets by “The Ifrit” hinting at her were…

At one point she was to be named SINdy and the whole flames burn brightest when tinder’s dry is a reference to her Maze in 2010 called “The Orfanage: Ashes to Ashes” the setting of the maze is a burned down orphanage.

And the part where it every thing gets confusing is that the rumor is that she grows up and eventually becomes a Fortune Teller. Which is why the Maze is called Dark Fortunes. 

This was a huge rumor to dissect but Cindy is rumored to be the Icon for HHN27 (Also the name Dark Fortunes was not custom made but was given by a Source). But Fortune Teller Cindy Icon for HHN27. Pretty exciting!

Scarecrow Maze:


So one of the Mazes this year was actually kinda reported on in our “Could this be the icon for HHN27?” which was that Nathaniel Crowe was shot down by “The Ifrit” recently which adds more flame to the idea of a Cindy Icon.

But also to add on the other hints towards this Maze by “The Irfit” are…

Where he then shot down the Possibility of a “The Path of the Wicked 3D” (Or “The Wizard of Oz”) Maze…

Which can equal to one thing… It happen in the 1930s where there was rust everywhere, fields were destroyed, Okie (Or People) moved, there was a lack of rain, and dust was everywhere. That event was known as…

The Dust Bowl

Which means that “The Ifrit” (And our Sources) are hinting at a All New Original Scarecrow Maze taking place during the Dust Bowl. It’s a pretty wild and unique idea but we are still pretty sure that the Codename BRAINS is this Maze. As we all know that Scarecrows don’t have any BRAINS.


It also adds on the image we were sent by a Unknown Source being a Scarecrow Maze.


Either way I personally think it’s a great lineup (If True) and will make for a Great Year at HHN.

So what do you think? Do you think the Lineup is True or False? Are you attending HHN27?

Let us know in the Comments! 

What is “Charles”?

The Second Codename codenamed at Hollywood was”Charles” and it is one of the Most Complex Codenames I think I have ever seen. A lot of the codenames this year don’t have hints but even this one has some hints compared to others and it’s incredibly difficult to solve. But let’s look into what this hints that we’ve received so far….

– Tricker than “The Exorcist”
– Has a Iconic Scene that is Instantly associated with the Property and took Murdy a while to figure out
– The Codename could possibly have to do with a Character
– “The other relates to property but is personal too”
– Murdy is excited about this Maze as he thought he never would do it
– “Everything Old is New Again”
– “Yes I named this maze after a friend of mine who shares a name…and other connections”
– “Shhh…”
– Treatment is 71 Pages Long

Those are the hints but what do they lead to? Well after a lot of research I have come to the fact that it could be one of two Properties. Let’s start with the first Property.


There has been a lot of talk about “The Shining” this year through rumors and through most people thinking that it will happen (It was also apart of the Hollywood Leaked Lineup). I personally think it’s more than just that Charles Grady is a character in The Shining so that means Charles is confirmed to be The Shining but it could be a much deeper connection. The Tricky Scene to pull off could be the Elevator Blood Scene which would be pretty hard to pull off. It is also very iconic and very associated with the film. The “Shhh…” could stand for “Shining”.

The Whole Connection I have is this… The Quote “Everything Old is New Again” when you look it up has been quoted by Stephen King in The Colorado Kid but I beg to differ. The Song “Everything Old is New Again” has the lyrics “Let’s go backwards when forward fails” which could refer the theory about certain parts of Stanley’s film showing new details when playing the film backwards and forwards. The Show Brockmire has a Character named John Elton played by Ryan Lee and one of the main characters is Charles played by Tyrel Jackson Williams which if you switch the name John Elton around with the whole Backwards thing you get Elton John which shares one of John’s names. Elton John has been mentioned before for something Alice Cooper related and Elton John has actually written a song called “Shine on Through”. It’s personal in the film that Danny has the power to Shine. It would be very hard to pull off as while “The Exorcist” only has the Scary Scenes taking place in the Bedroom being only one Scene. “The Shining”s environments are huge and massive to pull off. This is how the Maze could be done…

Enough with that. The other Property could be…


Might be something that may shock some of you but this is something that has been bugging me as of late. This something that was mentioned last year at Scarela that it was something Murdy wanted to do after “The Exorcist” along with “The Thing”. There is a tweet that is absolutely random that it could be a very subtle way of Murdy telling us it’s Evil Dead.

Now the tricky scene is that “Evil Dead 2” has the Deer Scene which could be very tricky to pull off and it’s very iconic. This tweet is very random in that why did Murdy change the topic during talking about Charles to talking about Evil Dead 2. It could also very much be a troll that Murdy is trying to pull off. But look also at this the first Codename of Orlando was Checkmate that 3 Checks it takes to win Chess and that the Maze first announced was “American Horror Story” which includes 3 Seasons being Asylum, Coven, and Roanoke. The First Codename for Hollywood was “Lemonade” and it was recently confirmed to be “American Horror Story”. The Second Codename for Orlando was “BRAINS” and for Hollywood it was “Charles”. Could it be that the first Codename is both AHS and the Second Codename for bot coasts is “Evil Dead”? There is no connection as of now for it.

Time will tell…

What do you think Charles is? Tell us in the Comments!

Could this be the icon for HHN27?

Which character has been present at the event every single year but hiding in plain sight?

We posed the above question to our Twitter followers and we had people guessing everything from Fear himself to trash cans, the answer, might just possibly be the answer to who might be our icon this year…

“Forgotten are the ways of old, traditions blood black and cold.

Up through dirt roots grow and burst, evils’ return, you’ll see what came first.

When ravens and crows made the night black, pumpkins were carved to keep the evil back.

When the howl of the wind sent shivers down spines, graves of our dead covered in vines.

When black cats crossed paths and wolves howl, true witches did more than laugh and scowl.

Your time has come Nathaniel Crow, outside the box you’ll think, you’ll grow.

Terrors traditions in ways you will demand, Halloween’s true self is at hand.”

Backstory to this theory:

Scarecrows have been used at the event and in marketing for years.  Notable examples include:
  • Gog and Magog who first appeared at Fractured Tales scarezone in 2008. Those two are named after Biblical giants who are weirdly enough symbols of the city of London…
  • These scarecrows have shown up again many times such as being part of the facade for the Hallow’d Past house in 2010 and were in Kidzone in 2012.
  • Another notable example was the Scarecrow of Oz seen in Path of the Wicked and Scary Tales in 2008.
  • Other scarecrows were seen in scarezones Field of Screams in 2004, Harvest of Souls in 2006 and Evil’s Roots in 2015.
  • Face Off scarezone in 2014 had a highly detailed scarecrow, and last year we had roaming chainsaws with pumkinheads and scarecrows.
So as you can see, the story of the humble scarecrow is one that has been intrinsically linked to HHN and could easily say that a new potential icon has been lurking in plain sight ever since the beginning of HHN.

17792535_1395690343822334_82359333_nOriginal concept art for a pair of scarecrow characters

The Clues…
1. The Unused Icon
The idea of Nathaniel Crow was devised by Mike Aiello in or around 2008 following the smash hit that was the 2007 event. James-Michael Roddy who was the main director of the event that year centered the whole concept around ‘The Carnival of Carnage‘, they brought in a number of IPs (IPs hadn’t be used widely at the event for a long time) and used Jack as the central icon to drive the success of the event.  Following the success of the event they started to look in-house at how to follow up this year with another all encompassing theme headed by an iconic character.
As we all know, that icon would eventually become Bloody Mary but she wasn’t the only character developed at the time.  Aiello developed an original story based on this scarecrow character named Nathaniel Crow.  For whatever reason, Crow was never used in 2008 and has never been used since.  Roddy left to work at Disney and now Aiello is in the driving seat – could he bring back his masterfully created character?
As Walt Disney once said, “great ideas never die.”
Here is Mike talking about the character at a Spooky Empire convention:



2. Codename
One of the first codenames to be released officially by Universal was BRAINS.  For which the fan community instantly speculated was in reference to brain eating zombies.  We know that Universal uses codenames to aid the production staff and to ensure the codenames are instantly recognizable to all their staff (i.e. they can be worked out by the staff in-house). So could this codename be for the one thing that a very famous scarecrow once pined for? “If I only had a brain”.  This theory also works as some members of the fan community have said that the BRAINS house is the main icon’s house.
3. Evolution of icons
The icons for the event have always evolved behind the scenes.  The creative and collaborative process that the event goes through at the design stage ensures that ideas develop over time to become more than their initial thought.  When Jack needed a girlfriend for an abortive concept in 2001, the designer initially came up with Jill – a rogue female clown that equaled Jack.  Skip forward to 2007 and Chance was born.
Fate was an idea that was pitched in the early 00s, she was never used but would ultimately morph into Lady Luck who debuted in HHN21. So could Nathaniel have the same experience to become a new Scarecrow based icon? Or could he morph into this famous scarecrow too…. (side note: is there a sequel to this movie coming out this year?)
4. Leaked clue or fake clue?
HHNU was inundated by fans recently when a supposed member of the A&D Team posted a comment on the wildly popular HHN Fan Group on Facebook run in part by our own amazing Rob.  This was the clue by one Suka Vayne-Flores:
We reached out to Suka and we can’t confirm whether they are connected to Universal, despite their profile saying they are.  “Si” is yes in Portuguese but could it also be scythe as in a farm tool commonly associated with scarecrows?  The jury is out on this one.
5. Official Site update
When the official site was updated earlier this year to replace all of the Chance theming, guess what, they replace her with Gog or Magog scarecrows. If you go there right now, there is a scarecrow on one of the rotating photos.
6. Blurry photo
We were sent a photo by an unknown source that had the filename SC.jpg.  SC?  Scarecrow maybe?  We literally have no idea what SC could mean but it does fit this theory.  It does look a little like the Creeper…
So what do you think?  Possible icon?  Will we even get an Icon? Giant hoax or legitimate possibility for this year? Let us know in the comments!
HHNU would like to thank Dr. Jimmy for his help in completing this article.

Speculation: The Shining for #HHN27?

Our very good friend Dr. Jimmy is back with a speculative theory over the release of the recent house codenames of ‘Charles’ (for HHN Hollywood) and ‘Checkmate’ (for HHN Orlando), which he believes could point to a Shining house on both coasts.

Take it away Doc…

Maybe ‘Charles’ and ‘Checkmate’ are the same property? In the Q&A Murdy from HHN Hollywood was asked if he would make a maze based on a Stephen King book or film. He said he would absolutely if he were allowed to – an open ended answer. He did not say ” we can’t we’re not allowed to”. The next question should have been “are you allowed to this year?”

King famously will not give the rights to his books for haunts. But what about the rights to films based on those books? How much control does he have over the films? Particularly how much control would he have over film rights he sold at the beginning of his career before he became the power he is today?

The Shining was shot by Stanley Kubrick for Warner Brothers and King has said many times he was not happy with the film. He had his “own” version made for television many years later. The rights for the film would be controlled, I believe by the Kubrick estate and Warner Bros. And they just succeeded in a difficult negotiation with Warners last year for The Exorcist – a property they had pursued for years and years. The contract allowed the maze in three separate HHN events last year. So Warners has now gotten into a comfortable place with Universal for HHN rights – could they have circumvented Stephen King entirely and got The Shining?

As someone pointed out, Murdy said he was surprised they are even doing ‘Charles’ which would point to a property long thought impossible to acquire, and the elevator scene indeed fits quite well with what he had been saying as well. So why use ‘Charles’ as the code name?

Charles is the name of the future King.

Odds are if they have gotten The Shining it will be a shared IP, how could they not use it wherever they can? I’d expect it in Hollywood, Orlando and Osaka like with The Exorcist.

So could ‘Checkmate’ be for The Shining as well?

Checkmate is what you say when you finally take the King…


So could Dr. Jimmy be right? All the pieces of the puzzle surely fit but there’s definitely pluses and negatives to this theory.

The negative:

  • King has stated for the record that he is ‘indifferent’ to haunted house attractions and is incredible protective of his work after having, in his eyes, negative experiences in his early career.
  • King has, to date, never licensed his books to any theme park attractions. Jim Hill has said that King was allegedly offered ‘considerable sums’ in the 90s to bring some of his books to life in an attraction for Islands of Adventure.

The positive:

  • JK Rowling, Steven Spielberg, Dr. Seuss’ widow and James Cameron are UBER protective of their respective brands, but that hasn’t stopped Universal and Disney from forging proactive partnerships with these IP holders (okay maybe not the last one!). So if anyone can successfully twist King’s arm into allowing a house/maze to be built, it must surely be Universal!
  • Universal does have a good relationship with Warner Bros following both The Exorcist last year and the Harry Potter expansions to both theme parks.
  • This author attended a Kubrick exhibition in London last year which gathered interested from all over the world, we saw lines of people queuing like a HHN house to get into this exhibition (the photos from this blog are all from this exhibition). So imagine the cross-section of interest from people who were not necessarily from the horror fandom.

Plus, King does have a lot to promote this year…

So there you have it, would you welcome this property to HHN27? Do you think the good doctor is onto something? Let us know in the comments!

My top 3 houses I would personally love to see at #HHN27

Quick disclaimer…

‘Wishful thinking’ is just us sounding off on the houses that we would love to see at everyone’s favorite Halloween event and are NOT rumors. When we have rumors we will bring them, for now, lets get us a healthy dollop of wishful thinking!

So on with the article on my top 3 houses I would personally love to see at #HHN27…

(c) Orion / MGM
  1. The Return of the Living Dead

The 80s was a glorious time for the horror biz and it brought us some of the largest and most enduring franchises from this genre. One such movie that we here at HHNU adore is The Return of the Living Dead and for those that haven’t seen it (go watch it now!) it isn’t in fact a sequel…

Released in 1985 as an American horror comedy film written and directed by Dan O’Bannon, and starring Clu Gulager, James Karen, and Don Calfa. The film tells the creepy story of how a warehouse manager accompanied by his two employees, a mortician, and a group of teenagers deal with the accidental release of a horde of brain-hungry zombies onto an unsuspecting town in Middle America.

The movie was financially and critically successful spawning the concept of zombies eating brains, as opposed to just eating human flesh, as well as its soundtrack, which features several noted deathrock and punk rock bands of the era. It also contained a number of outlandish set pieces, radical makeup and special effects to create an enduring and iconic horror classic. Fun fact: The Tarman zombie was actually created by one of The Muppets puppeteers.


So could this house ever be at HHN?

As with the next house on our list: the setting and characters are unmistakable, there is prime material here that can be used to create the illusion of escapism within a house that could scare the pants off you. But don’t take my word for it, Universal have allegedly been actively pursuing this franchise for years, in order to bring it to HHN. It was rumored to appear some 10 years ago for the 2007 event but nothing materialized. Unfortunately, due to a number of now defunct IP holders and various buyouts, the ownership of the movie has moved around a lot over the last few years and now currently rests with MGM. The creator of the film series (who incidentally wrote Ridley Scott’s Alien) also passed away in 2009. If ever a movie could be billed as being in ‘development hell’ for HHN, this would be it.

Likelihood: 8/10 – as with The Exorcist which took years of negotiation, these things can happen!


netflix stranger things poster.jpg
(c) Netflix
  1. Stranger Things

If ever there was a property that I have heard fans and commentators a like demand become a HHN house, it has to be this TV show. Released in July of last year, the show has crossed the zeitgeist from being a niche online show that nobody saw to being a ‘you must see this’ show. It has done wonders for the online TV platform and shows that this medium is no longer punching above its weight but is in fact the new trendsetter.

The series is set in the 1980s in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana, and is a homage to 1980s pop culture, inspired by the works of Steven Spielberg, John Carpenter, Stephen King, Robert Zemeckis, George Lucas and many others. It has so far received critical acclaim for its characterization, pacing, atmosphere, acting, soundtrack, directing, writing, and homages to scores of 1980s genre films (not including a whole bundle of memes too!). The show provides fertile ground to be used at HHN that is rich in heaps of possible material that could create houses and scarezones on both coasts!


So could this house ever be at HHN?

Universal have said quietly off the radar that they would LOVE to see this property at HHN. Many of the production team have said how amazing it would be to bring this world to the event and create a real life environ rich with the main set pieces of the show. Sadly, there are many factors in bringing IPs to the event and without sounding like Debbie Downer it would take time and money to bring, what is the hottest TV show right now, to an event such as HHN.

Typically, any TV show that is an unplanned indie smash hit, such as this, will have companies throwing themselves at the IP holder for merchandise deals, placements, and a whole manner of ways in which other brands could ride on the coat tales of this show.  Series 2 is also currently in production.  That’s not to say it wont ever happen, its just with its international popularity and current 95% on Rotten Tomatoes rating, it might be hard for Universal to get their voice heard over the scores of other people all competing for a bit of the Upside-Down world. But we live with fingers crossed for #HHN27 – and if we hear first hand any developments on house selection for HHN2017, you will be the first to know!

Likelihood: Can surely only be a matter of time, no?



(c) Universal
  1. Jaws

Okay so this is a bit meta, and sure if they ever were gonna do it then they probably would have done it in the former Jaws queue building, but bear with me…

This is pure wishful thinking but I would LOVE to see a Jaws house at HHN. The naysayers will cry that it can’t be done but think about it; last year Universal took, possibly the scariest psychological horror ever (The Exorcist) which is mostly set in just one room and made different houses of it on both coasts. This was also a property that they had been striving for years to obtain officially and they didn’t just make it work, they created a house that scared and tormented thousands of people. Combine this fact with The American Werewolf in London and last year’s Crocolion from the Tomb of the Ancients house and you can see that Universal knows puppets! Heck, they even created a 10ft tall queen-freckin-alien once. So to create a large shark would be a breeze!



So could this house ever be at HHN?

Probably not. The IP is owned by Universal via Steven Spielberg, who incidentally is the park’s Creative Advisor, and despite the fact it could be done, I’m not sure Universal would ever go there (sadly). I’m reminded of the fact that a book we published last year Universal Monsters: Origins, that I worked on with James-Michael Roddy, he is by far the biggest Jaws fan that I have ever known. He even produced a documentary about the impact on Jaws within the fan and film communities. He was the Show Director of HHN for many years, and surely if ever they thought to bring Jaws to the event it would have been under his watch. We can live in hope though… heck they probably have a load of old jaws props hanging around too!

Likelihood: 2/10 Doubtful 🙁


So there are my personal top 3 houses I’d love to see at HHN, let us know in the comments what yours are and whether you think they’d ever create these as houses!


“Woah – we’d love to see a Stranger Things house too!”