Delicious rumors…

Every year since 2015 we have been seeing a trend where a lineup is leaked with all of the Mazes, Scare Zones, and Shows. Speculation… Ladies and Gentlemen has died. Here at HHNU we always look for new rumors and New things to talk about and this week is no different. We are talking about the Rumored HHN27 Maze List. But first I want to start with the Already Confirmed HHN27 Mazes (Keep in mind we will not be including Locations).

Confirmed Mazes:

American Horror Story:


On March 29th 2017, at around 11am in the morning, we had received the Surpise Maze Announcement of American Horror Story. It will include the Infamous Season 2 Asylum where you will face the patients of Briarcliff Asylum and face the Infamous killer Bloody Face, Season 3 known as Coven where you will be surrounded in New Orleans where Salem Witches has thirst for power, and finally Season 6 Roanoke where you relieve the story of the Millers and face the ghosts of the Blood Moon.

The Shining:

The Shining is Coming to HHN 2017 at USH

On May 19th, 2017, at around 12pm, we had again! Received a Maze Announcement of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. It’s where you have the Shining and the Overlook Hotel is the aggressor where you will see things that you will question as if you were Danny. You will face murderous ghostly entities around every corner and be trying to escape the sharp edge of a Axe.

Pretty exciting! But there hasn’t been a lot of other things said about HHN27 other than this two Mazes. So we are tackling the rest of the lineup with the Heavily Rumored Mazes starting with the Properties IP Based.

Rumored Mazes:


The Walking Dead:


I know that a lot of you don’t want The Walking Dead to return for HHN27 but it’s unfortunately a Staple. It’s Rumored to be Based of Season 7 with all of the Action and Horror but the real reason it’s returning is because of possible problems with…


The Conjuring was heavily rumored to be coming to this year’s event however due to the Lawsuit that Warner Bros. is facing with $900 million dollars over the Series that Orlando pulled it out and is replacing it with The Walking Dead.  Not as bad as Scream but…



I’m sure a lot of you would want to see this return but it’s rumored that Insidous will return for HHN27. In 2015 the Maze appeared with Chapter 1 through 3 and the House was extremely popular and very positively received. Chapter 4 was originally rumored to be released on October 20th, 2017 but was moved to January 5th, 2017. The Maze is rumored to use Scenes from Chapter 3 and promote Chapter 4 (Similar to how Wolfman was done in 2009). It’s possible it could be removed but here’s to Insidous returning.

Evil Dead:


But Rumored for quite a while but this year Evil Dead will be returning to the Event. It is rumored to be named Ash Vs Evil Dead (But won’t use any Scenes from the Show) for Promotional Purposes and will use Scenes from The Evil Dead (Original) and Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn (Mostly). The Maze in 2013 was based off the Remake and was also well received. So exciting!



Yes! Another very popular Horror Series could be returning to HHN and that is Saw. It is rumored to use Scenes from Saw 1-7 and the upcoming Saw: Legacy that will be coming out October 27th, 2017 which is perfect for Promotion! Also the Codename Checkmate could be this Maze as in Chess, Checkmate is when the King is cornered and is about to deleted. Which could be a Fancy Way of saying Game Over. Either way it’s very exciting to see this Series being rumored to return to HHN!

So that’s for the Rumored IP-Based Mazes and now let’s move on to the Rumored Original Mazes!

Original Mazes:

Gothic and Catacombs Crossover:


Been rumored for quite some time now but there are rumors suggesting a Catacombs and Gothic Crossover. For those unaware the Plot for Catacombs from 2010 was:

“During a plague of Paris and Marseilles in 1534, thousands died due to an undisclosed viral outbreak. A group of doctors took it upon themselves to quarantine the most infected citizens of the city. They had no way of knowing that the townspeople would betray them, sealing them into their doom. They have been unable to escape for almost five hundred years. Now that the dead inside have found a way out, they are rising to take their centuries old vengeance on any living being that dares to enter the Catacombs.”

And the Plot for Gothic from 2012 was…

“The Catedral de Caementum Animus is, by day, undergoing a building-wide architectural refurbishment. By night, the many stone gargoyles that keep watchful eye over the sanctuary come to life with the mission of protecting this sacred place against intrusion.”

But it would be following the idea from 2015 of a Crossover (Body Collectors and Psychoscareapy). Not only that but the Cathedral from Gothic could be the Facade for Sprung Tent 2…


Not only that but our friend “The Ifrit” has also been hinting at it…

And one of the posts he was referring to was from “Dan89” on HorrorNightNightmares

“Just had a thought…in the tweet from May 13 they mention “bones” and “stones.” There have been two houses set in Carae: Catacombs and Gothic. Both of these houses were very well-received in there respective years. Could a crossover of these two properties be possible?”

The Chances are very high and it would be exciting to see a Crossover of this two Properties.

Dark Fortunes:


Rumors suggest the next icon could well be…


Yep. We had mentioned her last week in  “Female Icon for HHN27?” and the hint was from one of the HHN Creative Team’s Social Media in their bio saying

“Bringing out the designs to scare you during HHN… then it hush hush dont say a word HHN27 killed the mocking bird.”

Which is similar to a quote by the Caretaker…

“Hush little baby, don’t say a word/ Daddy’s going to buy you a mockingbird/ And if that mockingbird don’t fly/ Daddy says it’s time to DIE!”

For those unaware Cindy is the daughter of the Caretaker and the tweets by “The Ifrit” hinting at her were…

At one point she was to be named SINdy and the whole flames burn brightest when tinder’s dry is a reference to her Maze in 2010 called “The Orfanage: Ashes to Ashes” the setting of the maze is a burned down orphanage.

And the part where it every thing gets confusing is that the rumor is that she grows up and eventually becomes a Fortune Teller. Which is why the Maze is called Dark Fortunes. 

This was a huge rumor to dissect but Cindy is rumored to be the Icon for HHN27 (Also the name Dark Fortunes was not custom made but was given by a Source). But Fortune Teller Cindy Icon for HHN27. Pretty exciting!

Scarecrow Maze:


So one of the Mazes this year was actually kinda reported on in our “Could this be the icon for HHN27?” which was that Nathaniel Crowe was shot down by “The Ifrit” recently which adds more flame to the idea of a Cindy Icon.

But also to add on the other hints towards this Maze by “The Irfit” are…

Where he then shot down the Possibility of a “The Path of the Wicked 3D” (Or “The Wizard of Oz”) Maze…

Which can equal to one thing… It happen in the 1930s where there was rust everywhere, fields were destroyed, Okie (Or People) moved, there was a lack of rain, and dust was everywhere. That event was known as…

The Dust Bowl

Which means that “The Ifrit” (And our Sources) are hinting at a All New Original Scarecrow Maze taking place during the Dust Bowl. It’s a pretty wild and unique idea but we are still pretty sure that the Codename BRAINS is this Maze. As we all know that Scarecrows don’t have any BRAINS.


It also adds on the image we were sent by a Unknown Source being a Scarecrow Maze.


Either way I personally think it’s a great lineup (If True) and will make for a Great Year at HHN.

So what do you think? Do you think the Lineup is True or False? Are you attending HHN27?

Let us know in the Comments!