69 Days … Dudes!

Hey guys, Rob here again. I wanted to start of by saying thank you all for reading and following the page. Also if you haven’t listened or subscribed to the Scarezone podcast please do, this week’s interview with Mike Aiello (HHN Creative Director) was amazingly insightful for any HHN fans out there!  I particularly liked the spoilers he provided for The Exorcist house – man I can’t wait to see that house!!  Click HERE to listen now.


With just 69 days left until opening night what do we know for sure and what do we have left to speculate over!? We do know for sure that there will be nine mazes this year, but we’ve known that for a while now. Not all nine houses have been announce yet and unlike last year, none of the online speculation lists have really gone as viral.

History was made this year when Universal made its first house announcement with Texas Chainsaw Massacre in April. Rapidly followed by The Exorcist a month later. Last month we were shown our new HHN icon with the announcement of Chance! The Icon announcement also informed us that Chance will have her own house and scarezone. Also announced already is the return of The Walking Dead, which was met with a wide range of emotions from the HHN Community as always, though as Mike said in the interview it is always 50/50 with that one!


Yesterday we were presented with our 5th house for the event; Michael Myers will be returning to HHN after a one year break. Halloween 2 will be coming to the parade building which is a soundstage known to have held rather large houses in past. The announcement was received with mixed reviews with some fans thinking it was too soon to have the movie Slasher return after only a year break, though in our opinion here at HHNU we love seeing Mr. Myers come back!


With the announcement of 5 of our 9 houses we can only speculate from here on. We do know that our code name “Cobweb” will still be a house and it will be an original so there really isn’t much to speculate on there. Bill and Ted are expected to make a triumphant appearance in their usual stage show which will be their 25th anniversary (as they did not appear at the event until HHN 2). The picture below shows us what we know so far as far as house locations goes.


With little to no word being said on scarezones, we can only speculate on what we will see featured in the streets of HHN this year along with Chance and her minions. Some people think that the Purge will make a reappearance but with the recent horrific events in Orlando last month many think that idea has been scrapped or severely toned down.  

I would love to speculate on what will be coming to HHN but I don’t want to say anything that might give away too much so what do you think we will see at 26?

Let us know in the comments!

Rob’s Corner: Safety

Hey guys, it’s Rob again, I do hope all of you are enjoying all of the posts and are still thirsty for more! Now I hate to disappoint you but I sadly can’t release any more information on HHN 26 but I can say there is a lot of awesome stuff on the way!  (HHN26 could be the best yet!)


This week I’d like to discuss safety at HHN 26; last year was riddled with cases of fights, assaults, and scareactors quitting due to the abuses they were facing at the event. HHN and all Halloween events are meant to be enjoyed and while yes you cannot eliminate all problems from occurring, you as guests can assist in the protection of the actors and fellow guests. Universal security faces an incredible challenge every year when HHN arrives, sell out crowds of younger and not to mention intoxicated guests means an incredibly busy and stressful night. Scareactors are in very close proximity to guests and, as we see at all horror events, this can mean being assaulted.

I’m not here to put down Universal security, I completely sympathize with them and hope that I make that point very clear in this article. The job of a scareactor is incredibly fun, I have done scare acting in past and it is a great time, however as a scareactor you must be aware of your surroundings and you must remain vigilant and be safe. Im sure Universal prepares you all to handle those situations very well and I wish you all the best of luck this year.


As a guest of HHN and countless other horror attractions I try my best to remain polite while having a fun time. It is the goal of the actors to invoke a fear response in you, that’s their job, but senseless heckling and/or touching and physically attacking scareactors is simply never called for. If you know you cannot behave like an adult or respond to a scare without throwing a punch or trying to show how manly you are then I highly recommend you stay away from these types of events.

Last year one of the responses to the occurrence of scareactor assaults was to ban alcohol from the event. I’m here to say this is not the way, while yes alcohol tends to lead to mistakes being made, banning it does not eliminate all occurrences of violence. Alcohol and HHN have gone hand and hand for years and now that we are seeing record crowds at the event and increased press coverage of the event we are seeing and hearing more stories of assaults.

I would like to conclude with these very simple words; Enjoy every horror event you go to, especially HHN. Take time to look at the details in the scenes and the technicality of the scares. Have a great week all!


What do you think Universal needs to do to cut down on assaults? Or do you agree with Universal’s current operations? Let us know in the comments!

What Do We Know For Sure?

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, Rob here again, here to briefly go over all of the information that has been released thus far. In the last couple months a lot of information has been released and with all those releases we have, as we do every year, we get an incredible amount of rumors swirling around and lets hope with this post I can clear up some of those.

There will be nine houses for this year’s event. Thus far we have had two houses officially announced and those houses are The Exorcist and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. TCM will be placed in a sprung tent and so far Universal has only filled one permit for a tent so it can be assumed that it will be in Sprung tent #1. TCM being placed in a Sprung Tent, as I wrote in my last post, means that Chainsaws cannot be used and only fake ones can be used within the house, This was done last year with the purge and if you weren’t paying much attention it certainly did the job.


The Exorcist has been confirmed inside the Soundstages so it will be incredibly interesting to see not only because Universal has wanted to build a house with this theme since 1991 but also because almost the entire movie occurs in one room and making an entire house will be a great test for the Universal Creative.


We know we will be having at least one non-IP based house that is codenamed ‘cobweb’.  Many have speculated as to what this will mean, with the general HHN fan consensus being that the house will be a sequel to 2004’s ‘Ghost Town’ house which was a house set in the Wild West days.  Personally, I can’t see it but I would welcome this with open arms!  Before is a rendering of the maze.


The only other thing that has been confirmed thus far is the permit locations for a couple more of the mazes and they include; The Shrek Theater no. 2, The parade Building, Soundstages 24A / 24B, and Soundstage 22.


Guys I know how much that suspense hurts but we have to remember we got our first and second release incredibly early this year and that can only mean that more amazing announcements are to come. Im sure we will get another announcement within the next week or so and we will keep you posted both on here and on the FB page!


Which houses are you most looking forward to?  Let us know!

But Where Will We Fit It All??

We all know that since the conclusion of HHN 25 that Universal Studios has gone through a large amount of construction and change, of which, left us with the removal of Twister and the ability to utilize that queue space and the removal of Disaster which eliminated the ability to use that house location all together. With Universal breaking records last year with a total of 9 houses and the incredibly early release of the first two houses for next years event many of our speculations point to a repeat of the 9 house trend again for this year. However, 9 houses might be more of a challenge this year with the lose of 2 usable spaces and lack of abundant space in Studios.


Last year we saw the use of the Shrek soundstage for the Alice in Wonderland house, which provided ample space and a well laid out queue. I do expect to see a repeated use of this soundstage for 2016. Mike Aiello has already confirmed that TCM will be placed in one of the Sprung tents, which I find to be a bit of a bummer because it does mean a lack of real chainsaws compared to the TCM house in 2007 which was in the Disaster queue and was based off of the 2006 movie. Soundstage 24 can hold two houses and which was utilized last year with the inclusion of Freddy Vs Jason and Body Collectors, however with the construction of Jimmy Fallon occurring in the former Twister Queue area this might cause an issue with the queue for any mazes in the area. If they are able to run a dual queue through the back of the construction and avoid the old Twister queue all together we might see the use of this building once again.


For those of you doing a quick count you will see that we are still short on one space for the event, the disaster queue has always been a staple of the event much like the Jaws queue which was so sad to see destroyed a couple years back. The Nazarman’s space has not been used as a house for HHN since 2007 but however this cannot be used anymore with the addition of the Starbucks and merch shop in the building. With the issue of construction for Twister I think the only option for a house with decent spacing for a queue is the use of Soundstage 20, It hasn’t been used since 2012 but it offers the most out of the way option with the ability to run a dual queue with soundstage 21 which held Jack’s house last year and ran its queue next to Despicable Me and far out of the way.

Here is my speculation for the soundstages and maze locations for 2016:

1.Sprung Tent #1

2.Sprung Tent #2

3.Parade Warehouse

4. Soundstage 22

5. Soundstage 21

6.Shrek Soundstage

7. Soundstage 24A

8. Soundstage 24B

9. Soundstage 20

What do you think, can Universal possibly fit nine houses into their theme park?  Let us know below or in the comments.